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Edwards fined for hitting Earnhardt

Amazing thoughts- I unlike some of you do not know if MIS was an accident or intentional. I have not driven a car 200mph like some of you so I don't know the effects of the air. For Earnhard and Gordon the coordinate that at that split second is simply amazing. But to the point, Earnhardt is treated the same as everyone. What he did, accident or intentional happens nearly every week. Not always for the win but it still happens. Should Dave Blaney be fined for hitting #8 on straight away a Pocono? How about Stewart flat out turning sideways into Kenesth and Boyer. How about Gordon at Chicago. Where were the fines and suspensions for those incidents, most were far more obvious than the MIS incident

posted by Flip at 06:34 AM on August 23, 2006

Dale Jr. is 11th in the Nascar Cup Chase

Jr. had one bad year (2005) due to mismanagement a DEI. This year he is a solid 3rd in points (breaks a timing belt) 43rd finish, (gets punted from behind running down the straight) another 43rd finish. Neither a result of poor driving or desire. Is on a 2 car team in a poorly managed organization. Hard to compete against the 4 and 5 car teams with as much if not more money not to mention better behind the sences people.

posted by Flip at 08:36 AM on August 03, 2006