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Harold Reynolds Leaves ESPN

Are there any REAL baseball fans out there I can chat with? Not the bandwagon fans who wear all the gear and can't even tell you the starting line-up for a yankee team from 1960-1964, those were great yankee teams, even though and I hate to say it " The Pirates" beat us in 1960,and the Dodgers in 63' as a yankee fan my heart still sinks every time I even think of those years. Can anyone out there tell me what were the outcomes of The World Series' from 1961-1964.

posted by diehardyankeefan101 at 03:36 PM on July 26, 2006

Harold Reynolds Leaves ESPN

In this crazy world we live in nothing suprises me anymore. I have been a long time fan of baseball since the 1960 Yankees lost to the Pirates. I grew up in an era when baseball was truly a game. Baseball Tonight without HR should now be known as Baseball Good Night. The game has changed soooooooo much, whatever happen to the knock down pitch, taking a guy out at second, knocking out the catcher at home and above all a true strike zone. HR might not have been the greatest player ever, but he was excellent on BT. I guess it's like I heard earlier this week, The Negro League Players will be inducted on a one time basis (crazy statement). I have forgotten more great games and seen more great players (live) than all of the hosts @ Baseball Tonight combined, but who cares about that it's only about the ratings and I guess just like me HR does not fit the profile. If fans would have grew and seen Mantle, Maris, Gibson, Aaron, Kofax, Drysdale, McCovey, Rose(yea I said Rose), Clete Boyer, Mudcat Grant and above all #21 The Great One, the best pure hitter hands down to ever put on a uniform. Then there is the greatest all around player to ever play the game, Mr. Mays need I go on, only a true trooper of the game knows what I am saying and these fans would really learn to love baseball. Thanks HR for your insight, wisdom and trust me you are respected greatly Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Always remember there is no greater fan than a fan from Brooklyn. PS please put Pete in the Hall of Fame.

posted by diehardyankeefan101 at 03:19 PM on July 26, 2006

Run Around the Block

All I can say is that is one of the most wildest things I have ever read. The crazy thing about it is that I grew up in Queens. I am just wondering which block was the race ran on?

posted by diehardyankeefan101 at 12:56 PM on July 26, 2006