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Shawne Merriman suspended for steroids.

Merriman caught on the steroid train? Damn, never saw that coming. Can someone tell me when we will quit being shocked when a big time all-pro gets caught on the 'roids? Let's all be honest here, no one care when their players are on steroids. It is only a factor when it is someone that is on an opposing team. But the real statement is this..... If your my guy, juice you self silly. But realize drugs, steroids included are what make our sports hero's. But who cares. No matter if it's roids, speeders, pain killers, or mood enhansers. Look at the names...... Schwartzeneger, Armstrong, Gooden, Merriman, Clemons, McGuire, Soza, Palmiero, etc.etc. These are not the guys trying to make it, These are the elite looking for an edge. To be honest, I am for the "do what ya gotta do, let it all hang out, let the better man win philosophy". But be honest about it.

posted by BSUJIM at 01:21 PM on October 23, 2006

Negro League Great Buck O'Neil Dies

I have a difficult time believing that racism played a part in Mr. O'Neil not getting inducted in the HOF. I am sure that time was against almost all of the Negro League players. The fact they played so long ago with so few living witnesses places them at a serious disadvantage at best. People who saw them actually play are becoming more rare every day. That being said, there are many people in the HOF due to their contribution to baseball, i.e. Owners, Commishioners, announcers and writers. So, if Mr. O'Neil does not deserve to be inducted as a player (which I feel he does), then perhaps he can be inducted as an ambassador for baseball. I can assure you that anyone who met him would agree that he was, even to his dying day a baseball man. The world has lost another link to history and a very classy gentleman.

posted by BSUJIM at 08:09 AM on October 07, 2006

Bengals' Thurman suspended for season

I feel for Marvin Lewis. He has always been a gentleman and carried himself with class. It would seem out of character for him to draft players with questionable characters to win. But maybe he sold his soul and now has to live with it. I would love to think this has been a bad coinsidence with the Bengals....but I doubt it.

posted by BSUJIM at 12:10 PM on September 28, 2006

USC complains Musburger gave away team sign

This is a complete non-issue. If they are dumb enough to use the same signals for every game then I am sure the average high school coach could figure it out after a few minutes of film review. Pete Carrol even said he was not concerned as there are many ways to give signals. As for the glorious Mr. Musburger, I had the priviledge of meeting him a few years back. I would put him in an elite group with Reggie Jackson and Dick Vitale when they are "off camera".

posted by BSUJIM at 03:26 AM on September 20, 2006

Is Branch worth a number 1 pick?

Is Branch worth a #1? In a word, No. But Seattle had little to lose ( a potential 25th or higher pick) and they pick up a solid starter. New England gets more than if they would have let him sit for the year. I'd say it was a win/winfor both and now the rumor is the Pats are going after Jerry Porter of the Raiders who made an a$$ out of himself in their loss last night.

posted by BSUJIM at 08:41 AM on September 12, 2006

Edwards fined for hitting Earnhardt

I'm a huge race fan. But one thing I do Hate about NASCAR is the blind loyalty that fans of certain teams aspire to. Face it Johnson's team cheats, Gordon, Stewart, Dale Jr, Busch, and damn near every other driver will spin someone with victory in sight. Every driver gets pissed at times and all/most retailiate when the opportunity arises. Who should be fined? All of those who do stupid moves and endanger the lives of others. Anyone who sits back and blames "everyone but mine", is a lemming that only see's things from one perspective. Grow up and watch the race. It's great to be a fan.... but at least be honest with yourself.

posted by BSUJIM at 01:05 PM on August 24, 2006

Dale Jr. is 11th in the Nascar Cup Chase

Sorry, but I had to catch my breath before I posted this question. Since when would Team Penske and Hendrick Racing be considered "smaller teams"? Most teams would give their left one for their operations.

posted by BSUJIM at 09:22 AM on August 03, 2006