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Howe boys staggered by cruelty of Dad's stalker-neighbours

really goes beyond neighborhood watch

posted by water1 at 11:15 AM on September 23, 2007

When Frank Williams loses his wallet he replaces his ID with a baseball card.

Here's hoping the best for Frank

posted by water1 at 09:45 PM on August 25, 2007

Recounting Ruth's Career

remember they didn't put a new ball into play everytime one touched the dirt. Babe hit soft, old wornout balls out thrown by pitchers who used the scruffs to their advantage. Babe outhomered whole teams, who wouldn't think him the greatest homer hitter ever? Plus he was fueled by beer, cigars and late night livin' not steriods and years of work outs. Don't diss the Babe. Just sayin'

posted by water1 at 09:20 PM on July 23, 2007

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

I think I'll grab a pint or whiskey and celebrate a wee bit into the night

posted by water1 at 10:18 PM on July 22, 2007

Bobby Cox is about to break the all-time ejection record.

Cox has been ejected but never rejected

posted by water1 at 11:00 PM on July 19, 2007

Javelin Thrower Spears Person with Errant Toss

would you keep an eye of that guy after that?

posted by water1 at 10:45 AM on July 17, 2007

Sheffield calls out Torre, Jeter, Bonds in HBO interview

Sheffield seems to be the one hung up on race. Why aren't his racist comments dealt with? John Rocker looks like a piker compared to Sheffield.

posted by water1 at 11:56 AM on July 14, 2007

Blogger's Pitch Selection Letter Helps Mariner Throw Two-Hitter

To my first ex - I still don't miss you

posted by water1 at 12:54 AM on July 10, 2007

The best athletes ever, by number.

Moon over the Big "O"? What were they smokin'?

posted by water1 at 07:53 PM on July 06, 2007

Down Goes Kobayashi! Down Goes Kobayashi!

it was a dog day in NY

posted by water1 at 01:02 PM on July 04, 2007

Report: Woman claims Thomas asked cheerleader to flirt with refs

I was with her until she says Thomas tried to kiss her. I thought Thomas only kissed Magic

posted by water1 at 02:04 PM on June 30, 2007

"The worst thing that's happened to college basketball since I've been coaching"

or in the words of Elden Cambell when asked if he earned a college degree "No, but they gave me one anyway"

posted by water1 at 09:21 PM on February 22, 2007

"The worst thing that's happened to college basketball since I've been coaching"

the players do get paid to play .. free tution, tutors, housing, food, girls, no attendence classes, girls

posted by water1 at 09:08 PM on February 22, 2007

Tommy Morrison Cleared to Fight

false positive??? Who was that Dr.???? Seems like he cost Tommie a few bucks

posted by water1 at 10:30 PM on February 20, 2007

One Toke Over The Line, Ron Mexico...

maybe he got it out of Mark Sweeny's locker

posted by water1 at 06:03 PM on January 19, 2007