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Her Pride Was Really Hurt

Ok So I think that Wie was not FAKING it like some people on this post think ... There has been really HOT weather and it wouldnt surprise me if she was telling the truth, I don't think she backed out on the tournement because she was losing and not going to make the cut i think she quite because she was not feeling good .Would you have like her to pass out if FRONT OF EVERYONE and not only the people at the golf course but EVERYONE WATCHING, i think that you (BlueCarp) hate Michelle Wie because she is a girl playing a guys sport and that scared the ever living shit out of you and you don't know what to think anymore about it. Let the girl play if she wants to there are going to be times people have to drop out of things and not because of what the score is or because of how good/bad they are playing ... I play golf myself and though i may not be as good as Michelle Wie i still would drink water during hot days of playing golf and i think thats the only fault she had at this tournment. SO bluecarp i have one more thing to say GO PICK ON SOMEONE ELSE and leave Michelle Wie alone.

posted by soccer_chick102019 at 02:26 PM on July 15, 2006