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Tears of a Clown

I love the the fact that Scottish fans were voting for Ronaldo to further piss of the English! Henry gets the Golden Ball. He was responsible for France's last two goals, which put them in over Brasil and Portugal. In addition to his great play, his constant battle against racism in FIFA has really earned my respect

posted by sportsdot at 08:43 AM on July 06, 2006

First World Cup semi-final lives up to the hype.

The real difference was shot placement. Buffon was gerat in goal, but every shot the Germans made, they gave him a chance to make the save. In contrast, the Italians shot where the keeper was not. Sometimes that was over the net, or wide -- but twice it was in the back of the net. I don't think Lehman misplayed those at all -- I think the two goals could not have been stopped by the keeper.

posted by sportsdot at 08:48 AM on July 05, 2006