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Geoff Ogilvy Wins 106th U.S. Open!

Thank you Dyams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well said.

posted by LSU618 at 11:17 AM on June 19, 2006

Geoff Ogilvy Wins 106th U.S. Open!

What I am saying is if it aint workin, stop doin it. Try a club that you have more of a chance to hit the fairway with. Even if he didn't, at least he would have a better chance to get par. After all, it's only the US Open at stake. Execution isn't simple, but that decision or choice should have been a no brainer. I blame bones. He should have grabbed the driver and broke it over his knee on the 8th hole. Phil wins by 3-4 strokes easy if he never drives the ball.

posted by LSU618 at 10:53 AM on June 19, 2006

Geoff Ogilvy Wins 106th U.S. Open!

Tiger has to take some satifaction in Philly Beef's bad decision. I can safely say that tiger would not have played the 18th hole that way. Stinger 2 iron, hit green and walk away with the title. Very simple. But no, let's keep using the driver even though the only thing he could hit was the side of a barn (vip tent). Painful to watch as an lefty fan.

posted by LSU618 at 09:24 AM on June 19, 2006

USA World Cup

People Still watch soccer?? Anyway I wish the NFL would hurry up and start. Comment icon posted by CrazyRamsFan at 1:08 AM CDT on June 13 Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love me some football

posted by LSU618 at 11:42 AM on June 13, 2006

USA World Cup

world cup..what's that?

posted by LSU618 at 11:40 AM on June 13, 2006