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Jean Strahan hints that Michael is gay.

Exactly how long can you stay at a buddie's house before you start wanting to queer him? Just wondering. Good question. Last time I checked it was right about the 26 day mark. Of course the time will vary depending on whether or not you're susceptible to catching the gay. Doing things together like listening to show tunes, taking baths or having sex will hasten the process. My roommates and I make out all the time, but oddly enough, only after a Giants game or watching The View.

posted by enfranchised at 04:56 PM on June 21, 2006

Miami Wins the NBA Championship.

I don't get all the complaints about the officiating. As far as I remember it's always been like this, at least for the past few years. The superstars (and D Wade is now officially one) get the calls when they drive and there's even a hint of contact. As a Kings fan I have nightmares of Kobe getting the same kind of calls that Wade was getting. The calls always favor the more agressive team and the Heat were far more aggressive then the Mavs. Hell, it even works in my rec league, if I drive hard and create contact (unless it's an obvious charge) I'll get a whistle. I was really disappointed in the Mavs. I think Avery made too big a deal about them losing focus and the whole changing hotels thing. I've never understood why a head coach complains to the press about officiating in the middle of a series. The Mavs believed they were getting a raw deal and forgot how they played in games 1 & 2. I wanted to give Devon Harris a bottle and a diaper when he threw a tantrum on the floor, really pathetic. Almost as bad as GP getting hit in the back with a pass because of his big-ass mouth. Overall though, I was entertained and isn't that the point?

posted by enfranchised at 02:49 PM on June 21, 2006

Stackhouse Suspended for Game 5

I think the onus is completely on Stack. He's gotta know that if he takes out Shaq in the open court there will be consequences. Sure, it's unfair and probably special superstar treatment but taking a run at a guy on a fast break will always get more attention than the numerous forearms and 'bows Shaq throws underneath. If you're gonna play dirty, play Stockton or Malone dirty. Those guys would beat up their opponents and still get calls to go their way. Man I hated them.

posted by enfranchised at 11:46 PM on June 17, 2006