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NASCAR Rookie Survives Unbelievable Crash

Allison died in a helicopter crash at a race track. Can't remember which track. Davey died at Talladega on July 13th 1993 while trying to land his helicopter in the infield to watch a test session. (also on April 1st of 1993 Alan Kulwicki was killed in Bristol Tenn. in an airplane crash while returning from an autograph session.)

posted by ImissDAVEYnAlan at 09:02 AM on April 06, 2008

Earnhardt Jr. to Hendrick, Kyle Busch out of #5 Kellogg's car?

The scenerio that I heard makes alot of sense to me. Junior goes to Hendrick and Hendrick moves Casey Mears into the #5 Kelloggs car. Junior goes into the seat of the #25 car with Budweiser as the primary sponser (in the early to mid ninety's Budweiser had sponsership with Hendrick on the 25 car with Ken Schrader as the driver).... I heard this on Monday, and like I said it sounds logical to me, but reading the story and with Anheuser-Busch saying they have not been involved in Juniors negotiations and that they won't be involved in today's announcement make's me wonder if this scenerio will play-out. I hope Fungooli is on the up-in-up in what he said, being a Joe Gibbs Racing / Tony Stewart fan, and NOT being a Rick Hendrick fan, I'd LOVE to see Junior become a teammate with Stewart, Hamlin, and Yeley. If it's true that Visa will be the primary sponser I'll steal the motto of another credit card company..... 2 new Dale Earnhardt Jr. T-shirt's- $56.00, 2 Nextel race tickets- $120.00 , seeing Junior in a Joe Gibbs car....... PRICELESS!!

posted by ImissDAVEYnAlan at 07:58 AM on June 13, 2007

Dale Jr. Finishes Race For Competition's Car

chmurray, As long as Kyle Bush started the race, even if just 1 lap after the green flag, Bush will recieve any point's the driver who filled in might earn. I don't know if it's as much Junior being a nice guy as it is that someday a Hendrick driver may do the same favor for him. Also as an owner, Rick Hendrick stood to gain owners points by Junior completing any laps. And lets not forget Chevrolet, they too recieved additional manufacturer's points for additonal laps completed..... Is it fair?? Depends on which side of the fence your on. Some people don't think its fair, but I do know the drivers love it. Earnhardt, Stewart, Jarrett, Rudd and many others have either filled in or had someone fill in for them It's not the first time this has happened, and it surely won't be the last.

posted by ImissDAVEYnAlan at 06:12 AM on April 17, 2007

NHRA driver Medlen dies in hospital

Yes dbt Eric will be sadly missed. My fiance and myself got to meet and chat with Eric last year at the Pontiac Supernationals in Columbus, he was very friendly and more than happy to pose for pictures with my fiance. To Eric's family, John Force Racing, and all of Eric's NHRA fans our deepest sympathy, God bless you all.... GOD'S SPEED ERIC!!

posted by ImissDAVEYnAlan at 06:59 PM on March 23, 2007

NFL Fans, Your Silence is Appreciated

It seems natural to me, for teams to go to higher tech. Right on Weedy!! How about we just get the owners to play MADDEN 2006 in the stadiums on the big screen.... $2.00 admission for the fans, $1.00 hot dogs, and bring your own beer!!!! We don't need the high salary athletes, and this way we can be as loud as we want, the owners have never cared what the fans have to say anyways. How much more high tech can you get than that??

posted by ImissDAVEYnAlan at 07:23 AM on September 25, 2006

Edwards fined for hitting Earnhardt

I also agree with you Jon & Flip, I can't remember the last race when someone didn't complain about being "run-over" by another driver. Especially when the race in in the last few few laps NO ONE including Carl Edwards is going to lift if another driver gets a lil squirley in front of them, if Jr. had lifted he would have ended up getting into Edwards anyway's and probably would have taken them both out. I'm not an Edwards hater, or a Jr. lover, but "incidental" contact is the norm nowadays, more so on restrictor tracks and short tracks, but there is no reason to take out your aggression on-track. Edwards should have had points taken away, if not for the hit he put on Jr. for going into victory lane and confronting him. I also can't remember the last time I've seen that happen, but it's been years. NASCAR didn't hesitate to take points from Jr. when he said "shit" on camera, and those words didn't near the effect that Edwards could have made if he would have seriously injured another driver by pulling a stupid stunt. One thing is for sure, we haven't heard the last of this event, after all, Bristol is coming up......

posted by ImissDAVEYnAlan at 08:42 AM on August 23, 2006

"The King" Thinks women should not be in Racing

Richard Petty not accepting women into racing is not a new stance for him. Back in 1976 when Janet Guthrie began her 4 year NASCAR career, Richard was not at all happy about it and treated her very coldly, to the point that when the call of "Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines!" came, Richard was quoted as saying "Shes no lady, If she was a lady she would be at home. There is a big differance between being a lady and being a woman." So that should give everyone a clue as to what "The King" thinks about woman sitting behind the wheel of a racecar. Even though woman have been in NASCAR since before Richard even raced. There was Ethel Flock Mobley (A daughter of the infamous Flock racing family) and there was Louise Smith who raced between 1946-1956 and because of her 36 wins in the NASCAR modified series was the 1st woman elected into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1999. (YES, she did also race in the regular NASCAR series back then in a Hudson Hornet.) My point in all this is that NASCAR is bigger than even "The King" and seeing as how they have mandated equality in racing Richard may has well get used to seeing a woman behind the wheel. And by the way Mr. Lightman... You'd never last 20 minutes in a NASCAR race, if the "G"'s while cornering, or the 160 degree furnace that a car turns into didn't get to you, the "SHIT" that you would end up with in your pants would force you into the pits! So you better just stick to your bowling and baseball, They are MUCH safer sports!! :)

posted by ImissDAVEYnAlan at 05:31 PM on May 26, 2006