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Jarrett Driving a Toyota next year - Official

I think that Toyota will bring a ton of excitement to NASCAR. I will still be a Chevy fan, but will definately embrace any new competition (foreign or domestic). Funny how these guys calling Dale Jarret and Michael Waltrip sellouts, are the same guys who probably populate their homes with tons of Chinese and Japanese housewares. I am sure they wouldn't turn down a free beer just because it was foreign... come to think of it, they probably wouldn't turn down ANY beer.. under ANY circumstance.

posted by jmarkc4 at 05:29 PM on May 14, 2006

Francis shot and killed in Baton Rouge

Well to everyone saying that it is not a legitimate question as to "what he was doing out so late?" I have to say you are being quite ignorant. I doubt he was out for an evening ride along and passing out bibles to the homeless. The truth is that whether he was doing anything wrong or not, he was running the streets of NO at 3:30 a.m., and if you have ever lived there... as I have, you would know that from Algiers to Belle Chasse, it is no place to be at 3:30 a.m. So, if you want to swim with alligators, as Ryan did, expect someone to get bit.... as Ryan did. Stupid action.... stupid equal and opposite reaction.

posted by jmarkc4 at 12:54 PM on May 14, 2006