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Tyson could soon return to the ring

The funny thing is, how would you feel if you knew the truth? I can guarantee that your mailman (woman), The guy/girl that picks up your trash, or the security guard at your job (you know, the one who has the same favorite team as you) that you say hello to every morning and talk about the game with, has done a stretch for something. The thing is would you call the trash company to request a different trash man if you knew that the man who comes right up to your door to get the trash stabbed someone 10 years ago? Or would you ask the post office to hold your mail, so you could come get it your self, instead of, what you call a miscreant bringing it to you? Better yet, would you move your money to another bank and pay higher interest rates if you found out that the place where you bank gave an excon a second chance, and he/she is the one who keeps your checking account in order and waives those fee's for you when you screw it up? Ok, so the miscreants can work for you, they just can't earn a living doing so. How long were you in the big house?

posted by jamesnrenee at 02:47 PM on September 28, 2006