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Packers Favored to Win Super Bowl

Steelers and Packers are pretty evenly matched. I could see Rogers getting hot and taking over the game, exploiting the less than stellar Pittsburgh corners. If the Steelers put together two halves like the first half of the Jets game, it's going to be rough on the cheeseheads.

If the Steelers win and Roethlisberger contributes to the cause, it will be interesting to see if any opinions change about Big Ben. On ESPN's Sports Reporters this morning they questioned if Ben was in the top five quarterbacks in the league. Seemingly lots of people don't put Ben even that close to the top. Wonder if three Super Bowl wins are going to change anyone's opinions.

If the Packers win, well, probably start of something really special between Rogers and Green Bay. "Brett who?" might become a popular saying, if it hasn't already.

Should be a good game and each team has enough talent that the MVP might be a surprise at the end of the game.

That said, man, I hope Pittsburgh wins, and I hope they score early and often. As a Steelers fan, that Jets game almost killed me.

posted by sexymofo at 02:00 PM on February 06, 2011

Steelers Won Super Bowl XL

If Ben didn't get in on the called touched, the ball would have had to be place as close to the goal as possible. I would thinking going for it on 4th would have been the call and I think every team in the NFL can get an inch on any team. There were some questionable calls...and some downright bad calls. (Hasselbeck's penalty at the end of the reception was clearly wrong.) It seemed like most of the calls against the Seahawks came at very damaging moments. I can see how if I was a Seahawk fan, I would be upset. But you know, I'm a Steeler fan and I'm happy that they won...but you know, the game pretty much sucked. The Steelers eeked out a win and they have the trophey but for a fan, that's about all to be happy about. Hasselbeck was probably the best player in the game. A win is a win but it clearly doesn't feel like a victory. So to wrap up: a beautiful snow is falling in Pittsburgh this morning and I won't have to deal with depressed co-workers so for that, I'm happy.

posted by sexymofo at 07:29 AM on February 06, 2006

Steelers Take Down Colts

Why are people so emotional about the Bus? Obviously, you've never tasted his BBQ sauce...

posted by sexymofo at 09:28 AM on January 16, 2006

Steelers Rob Bengals

I don't know if the incident was intentional or not but on the scale of bad hits on quarterbacks, it looked low on the egregious scale. (The hit, not the result.) But I would suspect that it would have been a much different game with Palmer. He's great at those long, big-play passes, something the steeler's secondary has been known to give up. The steeler's would have had to play a different game and a different outcome would have been, of course, a possibility.

posted by sexymofo at 06:48 AM on January 09, 2006

Steelers Beat Jets in OT, 20-17

Being a Steeler fan, the only thing that keeps me from cardiac arrest is that they are not suppose to win but they just keep doing it. All the analysis in the world is going to conclude that there is no way the Steelers beat either the Pats or Colts next week. But there is no way they should have beat the Pat and Eagles mid-season either. Somehow they just keep coming out on top. And the ride to this point has been so fun that even if they lose next week it still will be a great season.

posted by sexymofo at 09:33 AM on January 16, 2005

H-E Double Hockey Sticks

I wonder if the NHL 'spodes, is that really a bad thing for hockey fans? If there is a demand, there will be a supply and maybe a new league might have a better chance of making the sport more mainstream.

posted by sexymofo at 09:27 AM on January 16, 2005

This is it

[off topic, sort of] What amazed me is how fast they interviewed Edmonds after he hit the walk-off homer. It had to be less than 30 seconds after he touched the plate. When are they going to allow an interview while the guy is running the bases?

posted by sexymofo at 09:20 PM on October 20, 2004

This is it

We are watching history boys...

posted by sexymofo at 09:05 PM on October 20, 2004