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This is it

anyone have an mp3 file of John Sterling during the moment of the loss? MAN I wanna hear that. "Yankees lose! The-eh-eh-eh-eh Yankees lose!"

posted by FlunkedFlank at 12:17 AM on October 21, 2004

This is it


posted by FlunkedFlank at 10:26 PM on October 20, 2004

This is it

ok, jeesus, as mind-blowingly stupid as that was, they came out with limited damage. but if he pitches in the eigth I will shoot myself on the spot.

posted by FlunkedFlank at 10:24 PM on October 20, 2004

This is it


posted by FlunkedFlank at 09:03 PM on October 20, 2004

This is it

did any of you see the superstition about game three? the score was 19-8 .... turn the dash up to get 1918 ... what that actually means, I have no idea.

posted by FlunkedFlank at 08:47 PM on October 20, 2004

This is it

jacknose: no, I wouldn't. I'd make an imprint of my bloody hand on a volleyball.

posted by FlunkedFlank at 08:42 PM on October 20, 2004

This is it

Damon is fully redeemed now. That was f-ing awesome. I'd feel comfortable with ten runs up. Six is still too few, though at least it's better than five, which is what the yankees caught up by in game 7 last year to take it to extra innings.

posted by FlunkedFlank at 08:31 PM on October 20, 2004