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Nash again, allegedly.

what about other stats.......... kobe nash winner points 35.4 18.8 kobe assits 4.5 10.5 nash boards 5.3 3.6 kobe steals 1.8 .7 kobe blks .38 .15 kobe to 3.13 3.49 kobe WINNER KOBE

posted by coolb3223 at 02:23 PM on April 30, 2006

kobe 4 mvp

Here are my reasons why Kobe should win the mvp, One he has to play offense against the other teams best defenders, and then he has to play defense on the teams best offensive threats. Kobe plays both ends of the floor, shoots free throws for a very good percentage, and for all u people who accuse him of shooting too much, then u hated Michael Jordan too becuz he didnt have any one to pass to either until Scottie started to emerge as a bonified baller. Nash doesnt play against the other teams best and he didnt have a point in a game this season and he wasnt hurt. Just a couple of months ago everyone was saying Lebron doesnt want to take the big shoot at the end of games. Cauncy is on a team that could have had 5 players in the allstar game and who double or tripple teams chauncy or nash. Every team in the pros if the game is tight in the last seconds of the game they dont want the ball in Kobes hands bcuz he sends you home almost every time, oh by the way he did score 60+ in 3 quarters against the Mavs(which he took his self out of the game, lord knows what he would have scored that game), and the second most points scored in a game(81)in the history of the nba. The man has averaged 35.4 points(1), 5.3 boards, 4.5 assist 1.8 steals(6) a game, those stats state MVP

posted by coolb3223 at 12:43 AM on April 23, 2006