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Miami Wins the NBA Championship.

Where's all the Shaq & Riley haters? Let us hear from you. Earlier this year, it was, Shaq will NEVER win another ring without KB & Riley was being selfish to fire the coach and take over as head coach. I like Shaq's attitude and Wade's even more so. And this ring says they both had the right attitude and will to win. They had a great supporting cast of veterans who also deserved a C-Ring!!!!!! Congratulations Heat!!!!!!

posted by porkchop at 11:43 PM on June 20, 2006

Sources: QB Leinart fires agent Steinberg

I'm a USC fan. So, I always give the guys the benefit of the doubt. Ya know? Anyway, the thing I liked about Matt & Carson was, they never looked anxious or extremely concerned after a mistake. They had that, "Just let me back in there, coach" attitude. No yellin', demonstrations on the sidelines, etc. Even if he had surgery, all he needed to bring to the combine (schumbine) was tapes and a resume. He would sit out the first pro year anyway. About returning to school? Matt said, he was having fun with the college experience and playing college ball, etc. Now, after college, life has already dealt him a reality check, and he had to fire somebody. Good Luck Matt. And give Carson a call sometimes. He looks like an excellent pro.

posted by porkchop at 03:55 PM on April 11, 2006

America's new dancing machine!!!

What happened to the "SportsFilter"? Grrrr is out of it and should be sensored or filtered out. Let's keep the profanity off the board.

posted by porkchop at 11:32 AM on April 01, 2006