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Armstrong punishes a personal enemy

Folks, if you think Lance is aggressive, he is positively a politically correct wimp in wanting only the Yellow Jersey. Look in the books and you'll find 5 time winners like Merckx and Hinaut (pardon my spelling) that won ALL THREE primay jerserys (Yellow Overall, Green Sprint and Polka Dot Mountain) in the same tour. On some other TdF tours they merely won TWO of the jerseys. Talk about taking all the marbles and emasculating your competition. With regard to drug testing, Lance's books talk about the unbelieviable level of drug testing in cycling. Anytime of the year, they knock on the door and you have to give up the bodily fluid of their choice or get kicked out of the sport on the spot. I think I remember reading that one of the drug testing teams (man and woman) knocking on the Armstrong door just as Lance and wife were about to leave for the hospital for the birth of their twin girls. Didn't matter to the testers, they still left with their fluids. Also, as part of the test protocol, some of the bodily fluilds are stored for retesting later. If one day someone comes up with a new test, out can come the old jars for a new whiz quiz. I know drugs and their dependency are powerful - look at the number of "successful" people that lose their fortunes just for recreational drugs. If Lance every got caught using performance enhancing drugs, it would be this century's version of "Say it ain't so, Joe"

posted by Golfbike at 01:13 PM on July 27, 2004