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Cuban says openly gay player would clean up

lil_brown_bat, mmmmm...??? Sounds like someone is bragging about their junk.

posted by popeye111 at 03:57 AM on February 13, 2007

Big-Name NFL Offensive Players Released.

Hey Frankiem, who gives a crap about a stupid play from a stupid game from a million years ago??? get a life!!! how bout them 85 bears!!! GREAT line! Man, I'm still laughing and am I the only one who got it? FIGHT ON!! USC

posted by popeye111 at 07:00 PM on September 03, 2006


OMG!!!, How can one say they didnít know they were being JUICED? I've been on three cycles and you GD know you're being juiced. It's the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. Not only do you become the "Incredible Hulk", all those aches and pains are now gone and you play ten years younger. So your career Bonds was stretched out by another five years. Believe me, other than one's nuts aching, it was ALL GOOD! I've been on three low dosage cycles using Deca & Test and I had never felt better, I put on ten pounds of muscle in 12 weeks on each cycle. Come on Barry! Give it up and STOP taking us for chumps. Flaxseed, that sh*t is for losing fat, not gaining muscle. All you myopic Bond CS that live by the motto of "If you isnít cheating, You isnít trying" are following a cheater & criminal. The Anabolic Steroid Control Act was passed by Congress in the fall of 1990 and became effective on February 21, 1991. The Steroid Act classified steroids as Schedule III substances under the CSA and DEA. Making it as criminal as cocaine, pcp, lsd and heroin. There you go Bond lovers; your master is as good as a junkie criminal in the eyes of the law. Bow down to your MASTER BONDs! -Ex-fellow junkie criminal.

posted by popeye111 at 04:19 PM on May 21, 2006

Steve Howe killed in truck accident:

I live and breathe Dodger Blue and Steve was one of my favorites (he was an underdog). So today I weep and mourn for a Los Angeles Dodger named Steve Howe. OíRest in the hands of God my brother, for youíll never feel pain again. And may the Lord giveth strength to your family and friends in this time of mourn. God bless.

posted by popeye111 at 08:45 PM on April 28, 2006