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February 22, 2008

Pony Request: Developing Story Link?: Barry Bonds. Michael Vick. Bill Belichick. Rocket. All characters that have been central to long running sports scandals. Rather than beating the same old dead horse every time a new development happens in these sorts of stories, what if there is a long on the front page of Sportsfilter that leads to a special "developing story" page. All these long running stories can live there and accumulate new links and new comments until the story comes to a close. I see this as a way of organizing links related to a single continuing story in a fairly logical, straightforward way. For those of us who like to go back and check previous stories on the same subject, this would reduce the amount of searching we need to do in the long run. Anyhow, as I said, just a pony request!

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July 16, 2006

Troll Bait?: This FPP is is using a minor (at best) story as an excuse to editorialize. Bad sportsmanship, bad SpoFi FPP.

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