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October 22, 2003

Come on guys. This is a serious topic. Was it really neccessary to piss on it?

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March 11, 2002

The site isn't accessible with Mozilla at all. (I'm currently using my emergency IE backup browser.) The page looks like this: Error resolving parameter COOKIE.SMALL_FONT_FAMILY The cookie value SMALL_FONT_FAMILY was not found in the current template file. The cause of this error is very likely one of the following things: 1. The name of the cookie variable has been misspelled. 2. The cookie variable has not yet been created or has timed out.

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February 20, 2002

I'm seeing all kinds of layout problems. Text overwriting boxes, that sort of thing. Just now, a long comment that I was going to submit got junked when the preview text missed the comment box altogether! I'm using Netscape 6 on windows 98. I've seen similar behaviour when accessing from work, on a linux box.

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February 11, 2002

I like the Olympic touch on the logo. Just one point: The International Olympic Committee have trademarked the 5 ring logo, and will actively persue anybody who uses it without authorization. I strongly suggest you change it back. Maybe the 'o' can randomly be a golfball, baseball,football, basketball etc..

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February 06, 2002

Mefi had a fairly international membership, and I would expect that to also become the case with SpoFi. With that in mind, why has the category 'Football' been reserved for American Football? In addition, in various parts of the world, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Gaelic Football, Aussie Rules and Canadian Football are also referred to locally as 'Football'. Would it make more sense to name the categories 'American Football' and 'Soccer', to avoid confusion?

Many years ago, when Yahoo had only just aquired their own domain, I made this same suggestion to them, and that is why their category is now 'Football (American)'.

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