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Thanks for closing the Hardaway thread...

I say - let's wade into the belly of the beast - it hones and sharpens one's blade. I completely agree with Weedy on this topic. There will always be a small percentage of any group in any part of life throwing the proverbial stick in the spokes of progress. I do not condone such sophmoric behavior yet I don't think we can let their voices impede the vast majority of SpoFi members who participate in civil discourse. I haven't been a member here long but I really enjoy what I have experienced thus far. Don't let the hecklers stop the show.

posted by danjel at 10:02 AM on February 16, 2007

Victory Declared in Wargames.Com UDRP Battle

Very nice rcade! Where do you get all those wonderful toys? Can anyone tell me how one goes about posting a picture on SpoFi?

posted by danjel at 08:38 PM on February 08, 2007

Sportingo is Gone, Gone, Gone

You need a lineup to identify the culprits?

posted by danjel at 01:33 AM on January 30, 2007

Please help me

The internet is just like Vegas. You know, "What happens here, stays here!" Except anyone can see what you did. I figure I blew my shot at running for President somewhere around 1998 when I first started using the net. Oh well. :)

posted by danjel at 10:24 AM on January 27, 2007

Please help me

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess this comment. Is his career in jeopardy because he spelled [redacted]'s name wrong?

posted by danjel at 07:57 AM on January 27, 2007


Way to go, danjel, now you've pissed everybody off. You suck, man. I feel part of the group now, thanks.

posted by danjel at 12:26 AM on January 18, 2007


As a newbie, I have witnessed a few spirit dampening rebuttals by some of the tribal elders on this site. Perhaps its an extention of human nature that allows one to think they can bend some rules due to length of service in the group. I take it in stride however it doesn't set a welcoming tone nor promote expansion of the membership. I feel respect is not a one way street.

posted by danjel at 04:17 PM on January 17, 2007