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They're warming up their tires. Warmer tires give better grip.

posted by cabuki at 02:32 PM on March 03, 2008

Kicking Chicks draw their first game and keep a clean sheet

Congrats on the good result. Good luck with the rest of the season. Over here in Belgium, we're a couple weeks away from starting our baseball season. I took part in my first practice on Sunday, and I have to admit that at 33, it's pretty hard to knock the rust off after a 5 month off season. Normally, I get sore the day after the first practice. But yesterday, I was sore during practice. Good thing my son is too young to remember his old man moaning and groaning after one 2 hour session.

posted by cabuki at 04:28 PM on March 12, 2007

Be True to Your School!

My beloved Buckeyes have 21. Most notable is the fact that they've never won a women's title. They have a coed title for fencing and the rest are men's. Ohio State Total NCAA Team Championships: 21 men's championships: 20 women's championships: 0 coed championships: 1 Breakdown by Sport: men's baseball: 1 men's basketball: 1 men's fencing: 1 coed fencing: 1 men's golf: 2 men's gymnastics: 3 men's swimming & diving: 11 men's outdoor track & field: 1

posted by cabuki at 09:14 AM on December 03, 2006

SportsFilter Now Has a Practice Squad

Do comments posted in Locker Room threads count or is it only comments on FPPs?

posted by cabuki at 07:53 AM on October 17, 2006

Ryder Cup Confidence Pool:

cabuki's tiebreakers: Europe 15.5

posted by cabuki at 05:28 AM on September 21, 2006