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looks good gary, go with it!

posted by ptluigi at 10:04 PM on August 16, 2006

fer sail: spel cherkr, werks grate onlee usid wonce

posted by ptluigi at 03:01 PM on August 15, 2006

SpoFi Field Trip

I might go to a game- but I dont know you well enough to go see a game with you. Aw, that's okay. I don't want to sit next to someone with a nick like yours anyway. posted by lil_brown_bat at 5:49 PM CDT on August 11 lbb, i almost choked on my oj. :))

posted by ptluigi at 10:20 AM on August 12, 2006

SpoFi Field Trip

im from houston but i don't keep up with the wnba. whatever happened to the supposed dynasty that they talked about a few years back, here?

posted by ptluigi at 09:46 AM on August 11, 2006

There aren't limits...

jerseygirl, i do appreciate you telling me that. At first, i thought you might be my exwife following me. (just kidding, of course). But seriously, i do thank you for the post

posted by ptluigi at 08:36 AM on August 03, 2006

There aren't limits...

i tend to agree with you willthrill72, i haven't been Spofi long either but i have noticed in my short time here that if I or someone posts a topic or a thread that llb or jersey girl doesn't like , they bring the hammer down. My thought is, if you don't like the posted subject or thread, simply pass over it. It doesn't get much simpler or easier than that.

posted by ptluigi at 07:55 AM on August 03, 2006