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May 09, 2011

Sean Avery gets criticized, for, uh, not being a jerk.: An agency representing several NHL players has publicly called out New York Rangers forward Sean Avery for supporting same-sex marriage. "Very sad to read Sean Avery's misguided support of same-gender 'marriage,'" wrote Uptown's Todd Reynolds in the tweet. "Legal or not, it will always be wrong."

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July 20, 2006

Commentary on Zidane's gesture by Dany Laferrière: In the old, bloody fables of the Brothers Grimm, it was acceptable to have a red card ending. But today, in this strange epoch when everyone seems to have drunk Disney milk in their infancy, no one tolerates anything but rosy endings. Everything must finish happily. Our heroes must be loveable so that we can file them away in the cupboard of our happy memories. So where does that leave Zidane?
Young rappers will surely introduce into their video clips the eight seconds where Zidane left the game to re-enter their stifling reality.

A whole different take on the Zidane incident...

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October 27, 2005

Scoring - Guy Lafleur: Scroll down to #266 -- Sept. 23.: From the anals of music history comes Montreal Canadians' skater Guy Lafleur's disastrous foray into hockey-instruction disco.

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May 06, 2005

8 Ways To Improve The NFL: It seems like everybody can suggest 8 ways to improve the NFL, and about 6 of these ways are always the same ideas.

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January 18, 2005

Angry soccer fans kill goaltender.: A teenage goalkeeper for Benin's national youth soccer team was killed by angry fans after a loss to Nigeria in a weekend match, officials said Tuesday. Samiou Yessoufou, 18, died Monday from injuries suffered when he was attacked a day earlier near his hotel in Benin's largest city, Cotonou, said Issa Hayatou, chief of the African Football Confederation.

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