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October 27, 2007

Amazing goal by Rick Nash: Even if you're not a Columbus Blue Jackets fan, you have to be impressed by this goal from Rick Nash. Click on the video highlights link and skip forward to about 2:25 into the clip. The slow motion, reverse angle replay they show offers the best look at what is sure to be in the running for the best goal this season. I'm glad the Jackets have locked this kid up in a multi-year contract!

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December 30, 2006

When does a pro sports league not follow its own rules? : Apparently when hockey refs assume a puck crossed the goal line, even thought the rules require "visible evidence" (e.g., actually SEEING the puck go across the line) to award a goal and overturn a "No Goal" call that was made on the ice. The visiting Columbus Blue Jackets lost to the Minnesota Wild last night when a phantom goal was awarded in overtime to the home team. The game was important for the Jackets, who trailed Minnesota by 7 points going into last night's game for the last playoff spot in the conference. Yes, I'm a Jackets fan, but I'd feel bad for any team that had this happen to them.

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