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June 18, 2002

Italy cries foul!: After losing to Korea 2-1, Italian politicians, newscasters, and just about everyone else is crying "Conspiracy!" and even going so far as to suggest that somebody paid off the Ecuadoran referee to basically fix the match. So, is there something here? Or are the Italians just poor losers?

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June 02, 2002

"Look, kid, the match was over before it started anyway...": JAWOC officials deny 8-month-old Canadian baby entry to Sapporo stadium for the Germany-Saudi Arabia World Cup match. Mom claims she was informed that infants would be allowed in for free. Guess not. In other news, the ticket fiasco continues...

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May 31, 2002

Beckham's Beck! er, Back!: But it could matter more in terms of morale than scoring, given his popularity in Japan, which has already effectively shifted a portion of Japan's home field advantage and given it to England. Of course, not all Brits are being given quite the same welcome...

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