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January 28, 2006

Nikolay Valuev - The Real Giant: Quite possibly the largest boxer ever ...

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September 07, 2002

Miami dominated. Florida flopped.:

I spent nine months thinking about 'next year' and it pretty much ended right at the beginning. It was incredible to have such a premier game so early in the season, but to be on the losing end is crushingly depressing. A home loss decimates any hopes of a national championship, and without that ... well ... is there really any other point to the season?

At Florida it's all about beating FSU and shooting for the SEC Championship (beating Georgia, Tennessee) ... but even if we manage to do that it will only bring a small solace after taking such a beating.

What do you do when you have to wait 10 or 12 games and another nine months to be hopeful again? Does anyone else know that feeling?

(Insult to Injury: Also a Red Sox fan.)

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