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June 26, 2003

Tears of strife.: Does the race war continue in tennis? The view of one involved who thinks so. But, Serena rocks anyway ...

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January 28, 2003

The right fit?: So the Broncos want Plummer. They drafted Tommy Maddox to be the heir of the irreplacable John Elway, only to trade him away to a team that makes Maddox a star. Rich Gannon gets passed like smelly cheese from 5 teams until he fits like a soft leather glove with the Raiders. Gannon becomes league MVP in the right program. Not necessarily asking just about the NFL, what makes a standout player the perfect fit? Coaching, teamwork, or something more ethereal?

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March 06, 2002

What a letdown! You're a fan, you're excited, involved, rooting for the goal, and your sports hero just quits. Sometimes, it's just got to piss you off. But in Swingley's case, I'm just very very disappointed. How 'bout it folks, let's hear your stories of the "Big Letdown".

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February 05, 2002

IDITAROD! Forget the winter Olympics, the true test of a frosty will starts March 3. In 1925, the heroism of a very special dog and a man saved the children of Nome Alaska from a deadly epidemic. The modern race commemorates that event by pitting mushers and dogs against the brutal Alaskan landscape. Who should be favored? Why Doug Swingley, of course. Training his dogs in the high mountains of Montana, Swingley has broken record after record. He's coming back, and the Alaskans ain't gonna like that. (Sorry, Swingley is touring the western part of the state before he heads north, and I just couldn't wait to post this.)

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