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March 28, 2012

Women's Volleyball Players Get Bikini Reprieve: In order to respect and accommodate the cultural beliefs of various countries, women volleyball players will be given more of a choice in clothing at the London Olympics this summer. Instead of having to wear bikinis, the International Volleyball Federation has announced that women will be allowed to wear shorts and tops with sleeves. The new rule permits “shorts of a maximum length of (1.18 inches) above the knee,” so I doubt we’ll be seeing any board shorts on the beach.

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February 10, 2012

High school team gets technical for wearing pink cancer uniforms: If they thought there was a problem, it should have been addressed before the game,” Burke head coach Luke Lueders said. “To have that happen at halftime caught us all off-guard.”

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February 03, 2012

Jerry West: Teams shouldn't give in: According to former Los Angeles Lakers general manager Jerry West, teams needn't worry so much about a superstar demanding to be traded.

West, being careful not to mention players by name, alluded to situations like the one the Orlando Magic currently faces with Dwight Howard, saying there's no reason teams should give into those demands.

Asked what he would do as a lead executive in a situation where a superstar has made it known he wants out, the ex-Laker executive said it was fairly clear-cut.

"I honestly think I'd call their bluff," West said in an interview on 710 ESPN's Mason and Ireland show Thursday, not mentioning Howard specifically. "I really would, because I don't think any agent or player is going to leave $30 million on the table. ... I just don't believe that's going to happen."

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February 02, 2012

SEC Schools Sign Fewer Players In 2012: So what impact did the SEC's new soft 25-man signing cap have on the league's programs in its first year? A pretty big one.

On average, SEC schools signed about three less players apiece on signing day 2012 than they did on signing day 2011. And for our purposes we include both Missouri and Texas A&M though they were in the Big 12 for previous signing days.

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