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January 11, 2008

Minnesota Wild sold: to former Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold. Will Leipold, whose reputation ranges from "highly respected owner" to "driving force of failure," be good or bad for the Wild?

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May 03, 2007

NCAA may move 3-point line: The men's 3-point line may be moved back one foot. This will make it 3 inches farther than the international line, but 3 feet closer than the NBA line (at its farthest point). The women's line will remain the same. Is this the right change? Was change needed?

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April 03, 2007

Florida 84, Ohio State 75: Florida holds off Oden, Ohio State to win its second basketball title and remains the only school to hold both the football and basketball championships. Let the debates begin: Greatest athletics program of all time? Is Noah still a lottery pick? Another year for Oden?

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March 21, 2007

O.J. Mayo: Don't call him, he'll call you: High School star point guard hand-picks college but refuses to give out cell phone number to coach he verbally commits to. How should a coach from a school not renowned for their basketball program react to such a situation? Bonus points: what other athletes exhume as much ego?

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January 08, 2007

Florida 41, Ohio State 14: The team that many felt should not be there wins in convincing fashion. A bad game by the Buckeyes or an excellent effort from the Gators?

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January 06, 2007

Players want BCS cut: "Playing in a bowl is no longer reward enough for some players." With rising revenues for schools, conferences, and seemingly anybody not wearing a jersey on the field, are the claims legitimate or are some student-athletes losing perspective?

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December 19, 2006

AI to Denver: "Iverson, pending NBA officials' approval, will be traded to the Denver Nuggets for a package including guard Andre Miller, forward Joe Smith and both of Denver's 2007 first-round picks, according to a source with knowledge of the trade talks between the teams." A bright spot amidst a huge mess plaguing the Denver organization?

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May 02, 2006

Clippers end 30 year drought: with a victory against the Denver Nuggets, making it the first time since 1976 that they advance to the second round of the playoffs. The possibility of two lower seeds winning it out in the West certainly exists, and Sacramento seems to be right back in it. The West picture is definitely looking a lot more competitive than most envisioned, but can the Clippers advance any further? Will the two Los Angeles teams finally go head-to-head in the playoffs? If so, have the Clippers converted enough fans to have an inkling of home court advantage in that series?

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