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Two Vikings claim discrimination.

Just sick and tired of one group crying foul all of the time when will they get it. What a nice place this would be if we all worried about ourselve, found out we are not all equal and went on with our lives

posted by gdritsas at 03:57 PM on March 02, 2006

Two Vikings claim discrimination.

Affirmative action is positivly reverse racism. Just look at the city of Detroit. Affirmative action at its best, and it ruined a nice city.

posted by gdritsas at 03:46 PM on March 02, 2006

Two Vikings claim discrimination.

bperk. Bullshit. How come the civil trial found him Guilty? They were afarid of another riot in LA. Who cares if you are stupid enough to burn down your own nieghberhood if you do not get your way, you do not desirve one

posted by gdritsas at 03:39 PM on March 02, 2006

Two Vikings claim discrimination.

Again fellas righ and wrong. Is that to easy?

posted by gdritsas at 03:36 PM on March 02, 2006

Two Vikings claim discrimination.

bperk What ever happen to right or wrong. Whenever race is brought up it is almost always an out because you are dead wrong, so why not cry racism to throw people off of the oeiginal issue

posted by gdritsas at 03:13 PM on March 02, 2006

Timing of Wiretap Backs Gretzky

He was probbobly more involved with the owner of the kings than you think. Do not tell me he did not know what was going on, this would be silly. You do not miss that kind of money from your household. Not. He needs his goons from the oiler days to protect him now. Knowing his crybaby attitude about the olympics before he got his way, he will probably snitch on his wife if he had the chance. Gutless and definatley not the great one. They were named Howe and, Orr

posted by gdritsas at 09:50 AM on February 13, 2006

There's no excuse for teams to pass on black coaches

After hiring a black coach. NEVER, and if the black coach is qualified and is the coach the team wants. Who cares

posted by gdritsas at 05:13 PM on February 08, 2006

There's no excuse for teams to pass on black coaches

Quaotas are nuts. Maybe we should have basketball teams picked according to the makeup of their perspective schools. I do not think so the best should play, and the best should coach color should not matter. When was the last time an NFL team was fined for not interviewing a white coach?

posted by gdritsas at 05:00 PM on February 07, 2006

Youth Hockey Runs Into Concerns over Checking

Being 48 years of age. And playing Ice Hockey since I was 4. I find it a little crazy to believe you should wait until 16 to check. That is usually the reason a smaller kid leaves the game. He has never been hit until then and when it happens does not know how to handle the change. simply stop the running at heads, and hitting from behind, Since when I played we did not have all of the protection we have now we respected each other. Now with all of the new equipment we feel invinceable. Look back at hockey in the 70,s you did not run people, plan and simple. Teach kids how to play a tough game the right way and you will have no problems. Get the politacal correctness out. do not ruin one hell of a sport

posted by gdritsas at 04:50 PM on February 07, 2006