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Stop crying and Get Over It.

I have to say GatorHawk even though what u typed was so long (true but long) the one word that sums all this crying up the best. DIGNITY. Seems to be a lack of that on this page. SAD

posted by 1_4_thethumb at 03:58 PM on February 15, 2006

Refs stink petition

Cry me a river. It's really to bad that there are so many GROWN BABIES out there. So, this is my take on all the crying. WE as receivers can now extend our arm into the chest of a DB (not to make a play for the ball) to cause separation. OK. WE as O- linemen can wrap our arm around a defensive player’s neck or grab him by the leg/foot and it’s no longer holding. OK. WE (anyone with the football trying to score) must have the ball completely cross the goal line (not just break the plane) before it’s a touchdown. OK. WE as receivers can catch the ball, take two steps, drop the ball, and not have it called a fumble. OK. During an interception return WE (the team doing the returning) can push anyone in the back we choose and it’s not Illegal block in the back. OK. The Seahawks received an invite to a formal (SBXL) they had no clothes for. They showed up underdressed and because they were well liked, they were allowed in. But at the end of the day everyone got tired of looking at them and they were asked to leave. Seahawk fans should be happy the score was what it was. Should have been STEELERS 45 - Seahawks 10

posted by 1_4_thethumb at 10:42 PM on February 09, 2006

Steelers won Superbowl

I can’t believe all the things being said about the officiating in the Super Bowl. First…. That was offensive pass interference. Jackson extended his arm (not to make a play on the ball) and pushed off. Ok, he didn’t push our db to the ground, but he still pushed off. I think it was M, Irvin that said it was a little push and they should of let that go. Is that how we do it now…. Penalties that we would normally call we let go because it’s the “SUPER BOWL” “Just let them play” Why have officials at all? Crazy. And how much arm has to be wrapped around a defensive player’s neck before one should call HOLDING!!! Steelers were being held that way all game and the Ref’s finally got a couple right. Like it or hate it, the rule is that the ball has to break the plane of the goal line.. that is it. Just the front of the goal line. GET IT? Steelers had some really bad calls go against them in the Indy game and still found a way to win by making plays. The Seahawks didn’t make plays- PERIOD. How Many first downs inside the 30 do u need to get some points!!!! Lets not forget the catch and fumble tha was ruled incomplete for the hawks and on that interception for the hawks... can we now block players in the back (like BEN had done to him) The Seahawks should happy the same Steeler team that beat CIN, Indy, and Den didn’t show up for the Super Bowl. 45 – 10 Steelers. EASY

posted by 1_4_thethumb at 09:51 PM on February 09, 2006