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Balsillie to purchase Predators

Much better. Buy a team from one of the shitty southern expansion markets and move it to Canada. That's good stuff. Leave the teams in the northeast with the solid fan bases alone, Mr. Baldsilly.

posted by fxrival at 11:59 PM on May 23, 2007

Rollie the goalie has an owie

Bummer. This had the makings of a good series.

posted by fxrival at 09:26 AM on June 06, 2006

Official was wrong

It was more than bad, it was obviously the wrong call. The NFL outing the ref is unexpected, but I'd be more interested in what happens next. Do they just call up the ref and very slowly explain how to tell when someone has made a catch? Do they fine him? I'd hate to be too down on the guy, because we all make mistakes. It's just that this was such a basic mistake that you have to wonder if this particular ref is cut out for his chosen line of work.

posted by fxrival at 05:02 PM on January 16, 2006