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Does Michigan deserve a better bowl?

Here's my take and that's that as Americans we have learned and been trained by both government and our employers to accept mediocrity from why not award college football teams have their parade and celebrate with 6-5 bowl games??? Ewwwwwwwww!! I don't have a problem with 7-4 but as one person pointed out, even that is a bit much. Now then; I see Fresno State sitting home and they have a fine prgram,team and coach and though they were ONLY 8-4, only team in the nation to damn near upset USC and give them something to think about. AND: for technicality sake, how the hell do you justify a fine 10-1 team like my beloved Oregon Ducks playing 7-4 Oklahoma??? When you have a BCS game featuring #8 & #23??? Last I saw, Oregon was ranked #6 (#5 in the BCS ahead of the Irish), but by default and reputation, ND gets a big payday??? And Oregon gets aced??? Still worse; lots of 7-4 or better teams that went unranked sitting home while we indulge in the medicrity they have created by too many bowl games and teams not even worthy of being there NO justice in the world???

posted by stella stevens at 10:28 AM on December 25, 2005