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Iverson ... Greatest little man ever?

I will agree that AI is without a doubt, a great player. The manner in which he has matured and stepped up is also commendable. But lets be for real, just because someone is a good player, who happens to finally grow up and act his age, that does NOT make him the greatest little player of all time. At best it makes him a good player who took his time learning what the rest of us did ages ago. As far as the best, I have to fully agree with directpressure. Isiah Thomas was without a doubt the best to ever step foot on the hardwood. When he got it in his head that they were going to win, it was as good as over. Opposing teams could still play if they wanted to, but it made little difference. He showed intensity and skill that are still unrivaled. He fully earned the right to wear those rings with pride. Also being in the 0.5% taller than 6'4" I personally have no issues calling them "little guys". In a sport where height makes right, I am pretty sure they already know that they are the little guys on the floor.

posted by rawpwr at 11:31 PM on January 11, 2006

First Jet Powered "Birdman" Human Skydiver

This is just entirely way too insane. Where do I sign up?

posted by rawpwr at 09:30 PM on January 09, 2006

After struggling with one of the gunmen, Richardson was shot four times. He fell back on his father, who had a bullet hole through his jacket but was unhurt.

This is a tragedy of the worst sort, and unfortunately all too common. While my hardline beliefs tend to bother, and yes sometimes scare those around me I have to fully agree with willthrill72 on this. The Bill of Rights was written by men of far greater vision than most of us can hope to achieve. Yes the guns need to be taken out of the criminals hands, but never should it be acheived by trampling those rights. The very ones that make this country the greatest and strongest nation on the planet. I'm sure many would disagree with me, but (in my opinion) a far better solution to the problem would be to put more guns on the streets in the hands of honest everyday people who are tired of living in fear. Statistically areas with concealed carry permits have lower crime rates. Funny thing, those cowards that are breaking the law seem far less willing to rob those who shoot back. From here I will get off my soapbox and like many other make sure that I include the Richardson family in my prayers and wish them the best in dealing with this tragic loss.

posted by rawpwr at 08:35 PM on December 08, 2005

Happy Veterans' Day

As a former jarhead (88-94) who served in the sandbox round one, I want to wish a happy and safe Veterans Day to all those who ever got up at zero dark thirty to put on the uniform that protects not only our great nation, but many others throughout the world as well. I just read about another local boy KIA and I feel it hammer my heart each and every time I read such a story. But I also feel unending pride knowing that there are still young men and women ready and willing to stand tall and protect those who cannot protect themselves. To all serving overseas, do what you must, but come home to a grateful nation. Someday you too will feel as proud of others as I am of all of you right now. God Bless.

posted by rawpwr at 10:35 PM on November 12, 2005