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Umpire gets physical

billy martin pulling "the refs" shirt over his head... yeah, you know what your talking about buddy.. if you dont know the game of baseball..please stay away from posting retarted comments

posted by no band waggon at 01:29 PM on June 08, 2006

Shit, fan. Fan, shit

BONDS is so overrated...and hes an jerk to his fans and baseball....his old man BOBBY BONDS had more class, and was a better ballplayer..i hope BONDS justs fades away, and no more records he doesnt deserve it, neither did REAL ballplayers like AARON and SAY HEY! shame on you suck, please go away do us a favour.

posted by no band waggon at 07:13 AM on March 08, 2006

Kirby Puckett Passes Away

what a shame...i saw KIRBY about six months ago at a baseball card show/signing here in NJ..i didnt like the way he looked, i couldnt believe it was him..much overweight and looked tired. it was a pleasure watching him play..and proved to me he was a hall-of-famer even in those short 12 will be missed PUCK!

posted by no band waggon at 07:46 AM on March 07, 2006

Meet the new boss ... same as the old boss

hey theo... "and the beards have all grown longer overnight!" looks like your gonna have to start from scatch....

posted by no band waggon at 02:29 PM on January 25, 2006

The Ten Most Hated Athletes

BONDS is a jerk-off... hope something happens to him so AARON could keep his record...BONDS dont deserve shit. too bad he passed MAYS in HRs...BOUNDS couldnt wipe MAY's ass...thinks hes hot shit...

posted by no band waggon at 01:39 PM on January 25, 2006

Meet the new boss ... same as the old boss

only the greatest rock n roll band of all time T H E W H O for all WHO news...

posted by no band waggon at 12:00 PM on January 25, 2006

A-Rod to play for US? Does anybody care anymore!

i cant wait to miss these that a-rod is a part of it...ill hold by breath till opening day boys. you know this is going to be a flopp after this year...dumb idea, almost as bad as all the bullshit they do for the all star games..with the HR derby and all that nonsense. next thing you know theres going to be a ALL STAR vs CELEBRITIES softball tourney in FEBRUARY! maybe they should put in the time and efforts to MLB and all the problems they have instead of this crap.

posted by no band waggon at 02:53 PM on January 05, 2006

Baseball Writers' Association of America Hall of Fame Ballot

MATTINGLY?? i dont think so... he had a couple good/great years thats it... what did he play 10 years tops? no way is he a hall of famer. next thing youll say that MUNSON should be a hall of famer..please. how about JIM KAAT? the guy pitched 20 years...16 gold gloves..190+ complete games....what else do you need to be a hall of famer? what MATTINGLY had one or two batting crowns? hall of fame?? no way....

posted by no band waggon at 02:13 PM on January 05, 2006

Some honesty, finally

i always liked LAWTON...hope this helps him get out of the pressure by admitting hie mistake... i wish him well, hope he bounces back, and become the good ball player he is..GOOD LUCK MATTY!

posted by no band waggon at 03:07 PM on December 22, 2005

Johnny Damon to sign with Yanks.

all the hitter in the world...aint gonna help you when you have no pitching!(bigger pay-roll leading nowhere) glad the YANKEES are going in this direction again for 2006..down,down,down, down. thanks for a good off season moves that NY and BOSTON are done, you guys are sure the favorites for 2006! PITCHING,PITCHING,PITCHING!

posted by no band waggon at 01:23 PM on December 21, 2005

Royals add 4 Free Agents

hope it helps them put people in the ballpark...and maybe we will see teams like this (low market) start to be on the rise again..instead of the same teams time and time again.. and you know WHO im talking about. good for them...hope you have a good year this year ROYALS fans...something to look foward to for a change.

posted by no band waggon at 02:23 PM on December 16, 2005

Is nothing sacred at Wrigley?

tubby, i realise that WRIGLEY is a company name.. but todays game they change the name of ballparks every other year, just because someone puts up a higher bid or the lease runs out... ENRON FIELD...that was the name originally leave it that way... BRENDEN BRYNE ARENA...oh hes not around lets call it CONNTINENTAL AIRLINES ARENA... SAN DIEGO STADIUM...i mean JACK MURPHY STADIUM.. oh MURPHY only woke up SAN DIEGO and brought sport franchises to the area...oh, hes dead lets make some money and call it whatever the hell they called it.. so what happens if PETCO goes out of it another cooperate name ? how about save yourself the trouble and name it ROLLIE FINGERS/TONY GWYNN PARK or better yet back to JACK MURPHY STADIUM... c'mon...dont you see the point....the charm is gone. WRIGLEY is the given name...stay that way til its gone.. not sure a company will be able to keep lease or buisiness itself? then name it after the city..or someone who is a part of the city or a icon of the city...

posted by no band waggon at 11:34 AM on December 13, 2005

Is nothing sacred at Wrigley?

skydivedad, i know the feeling sir...and im sorry for what us MLB fans have to go through in a changing AMERICA $$$..the true novelty of the game is gone. i too miss the great days of SHEA STADIUM and the sounds of ORGANIST JANE JARVIS gives me chills to see old games from the past, and wish i can dive through my tv set to be back in those days. now we get brain dead hip-hop music between innings! next thing you know good ole' WRIGLEY will be called HERTZWRENTAWRECKPLEASEBYMYPRODUCTWHENYOULEAVESTADIUM.COM//NET PARK like these shithead CEOs who never played the game in their lives have the balls to name a ballpark after the so tired of it. so im sure its only going to get worse since its a "buisiness". it doesnt have to be that way..only we have money hungry assholes running americas past time. the fans?? who cares....just want to know how much money we have in our pockets when we enter the ballpark. bring back the real men of the game!

posted by no band waggon at 10:00 AM on December 13, 2005

What is Roberto Alomar thinking?

ALOMAR IS DONE!....he lost it a whie ago (before 2002 season) think he would fit in well with THE NEWARK BEARS, or one of those ATLANTIC LEAGUE Teams, doubt he will come back to "the show"

posted by no band waggon at 09:37 AM on November 04, 2005

A-Rod's mom: Uncle's death affected performance

of course it was! been waitin' for a total "A-ROD" excuse... thought it was going to have to do with something like: "the moon and stars were not inlined with the cosmos" or "the dog chewed up the lineup card" nice one "A-ROD" how much did you pay your mommy to say that same amount that you have the balls charging a little kid for your autograph you punk

posted by no band waggon at 02:04 PM on October 17, 2005

This is why the Yankees keep losing.

i noticed listening to the radio here in NYC on THE FAN...all the yankee fans blaming everybody..and saying 'BASEBALL IS OVER FOR ME THIS YEAR NOW'..saying they wont watch the ALCS and NLCS and the WORLD SERIES for that matter.. just goes to show, if yankee fans cant get their way they pout like little children.. those fans will never change...not real baseball fans. i do respect a yankee fan who were around in the lets say 50s and 60s and so on..but todays fan, dont know a thing about the game, and feel like the will be out of place if they are not yankee yuppies. perfect example..they leave yankee stadium if the yankees are loosing during the 6th or 7th inning and the place empties out just cause the dont get their way. or they are on the cell phone waving to the cameras "look at a yankee fan see!" us REAL baseball fans can enjoy this post season for 2005...let the yankee fans usual. good we can do without you

posted by no band waggon at 01:49 PM on October 13, 2005

This is why the Yankees keep losing.

great news!! maybe some of these smaller market teams like PITTSBURG,KANSAS CITY will have some breathing room and finally have a chance, instead of the team falling apart year after year. YANKEE fans dont reserve it anyways...its easy to jump on the high road to success! most of them dont know a thing about the game in the first place. its easy to be a yankee fan. lets hope this choke of 2005 is the final downfall of the PIGS. i can see it now..the so-called boss is going to loose his mind and he will slowly rip apart his beloved ballclub. maybe baseball will be baseball again instead of MONEY,MONEY,MONEY!! and these other clubs will shine again on day. SSSEEE YEEAAH YANKEES!

posted by no band waggon at 07:46 AM on October 13, 2005

Angels down yankees

times up!!!! typical

posted by no band waggon at 12:17 PM on October 11, 2005

Angels down yankees

so bill answer the question i asked..without looking it up who gave up the fan!

posted by no band waggon at 12:15 PM on October 11, 2005

Angels down yankees

figured id see YANKMEE fans sulking..i love it. tired of hearing now that YANKMEE fans are saying "i dont care they long as BOSTON isnt in it now" whats up with that? typical answer from a bandwaggon fan that 85% of YANKMEE fans are. if you asked a so-called fan "WHO gave up the homerun to BUCKY DENT in the AL EAST GAME in 1978?" they dont even know what im talking about. and i know for a fact that no YANKMEE fan will watch the PLAYOFFS or WORLD SERIES this year because their team is not in it....aaah too bad! ever notice at YANKMEE STADIUM when the YANKMEES are losing..all the fans leave the ballpark in like the 7th inning or so! your all spoiled, and like i said 85% of you so-called fans dont know anything about the game, and you like to blame certain players or the manager or front office. have a nice winter YANKMEE fans, since you all are crying, and wont watch the remaining post season..while the rest of us REAL BASEBALL FANS will love every minute of this post season, and can enjoy it...without YANKMEE fans around. oK fans..WHO YOU GONNA BLAME NOW.... and since your team didnt make the post season, i guess next year you will be fans of WHOever wins the world series this year...typical YANKMEE fans

posted by no band waggon at 12:00 PM on October 11, 2005