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Former Packer Chmura rips Favre, calls him 'selfish'

The cheeseheads I know will NOT admit to the fact that Favoree ( #4 ) should sail off in the LA. sunset. Favoree himself will not admit it, but , his time is past. The Wisc folks are under the impression that this QB is not of this earth and blame a 4 - 12 season on the lack of a supporting cast i.e. injuries, etc. It's just time for him to go. I've seen it coming the last 3 years starting w/ the "thumb" thing.

posted by lapinskas at 06:58 AM on April 04, 2006

WS Ratings suck! Thank you, FOX!

Probably the poor ratings were because One team was totally dominant in their division ( Sox ) and the other team was only 16 games over .500!! Most baseball fans ARE afficianados of the game and had a read on the series before it started, maybe?

posted by lapinskas at 12:09 PM on October 29, 2005

Fire Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan is OK. Dump Chris 'the blimp' Berman on ESPN. His overly zealous hoopla belongs in a sports bar ( where he should be ) throwing back some JD shots.

posted by lapinskas at 02:14 PM on October 21, 2005