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WS Ratings suck! Thank you, FOX!

The WS ratings sucked because of the 4 game sweep, and the late start times. I am a die-hard White Sox fan, but I have a job where I have to get up very early. I watched the entire game on Saturday and Wednesday, and half of the Sunday and Tuesday games. Gotta make a livin'. If your team is in the WS, and more importantly wins the WS, you feel it was the best WS ever, and why didn't everyone watch it. If your team isn't in the WS, you just want good games, close games, run scoring games. Blow outs and sweeps don't attract viewers in any sport, unless your team is the one kicking ass. A sweep in the WS was only sweet for White Sox fans. Low scoring games, pitching duels are only attractive to the winning team's fans, and of course the baseball purist. Which, by the way, wants the pitcher to keep batting in the order, which holds down on scoring runs. East coast fans have always been arrogant in their stance of their sports teams (amoung other things which I won't touch here). Other parts of the country can kick your ass, and we do it quite often. You can revel in a good year, but obviously, not this year huh Yankees and Red Sox fans?

posted by Shoalbaby at 06:52 AM on October 29, 2005

Game Over

Hey greasepig & aztlan78, the White Sox have been getting CLOSE CALLS, not blatantly horrendous calls (I'm sure some would beg to differ and will). There was nothing close about Lane's long FOULBALL early in the game. Payback will come only by playing good hard baseball. Just watch the White Sox and you'll see what I'm talking about.

posted by Shoalbaby at 05:33 AM on October 26, 2005

Game Over

Wow, what a game. Yep, I thought when Oswalt had 'em down 4 - 0 that it would be a tough road to hoe coming back. But, once again they show they are determined, no matter what. And, if you really pay attention to a game - balls, strikes, getting doubled off at second, there are really close calls going on ALL THE TIME that could have cost a team the game. Difference is that the White Sox have always seemed to capitalize on them. I seen several chances where big mo was in the Astros favor, small calls were going their way, and boom, they lose the game. Its how you capitalize on favorable calls that makes the difference. GO WHITE SOX!!!!

posted by Shoalbaby at 05:20 AM on October 26, 2005

MLB May Not Let the Astros Raise the Roof

It's my understanding that the roof issue is actually being driven by Fox. They want the roof open for aerial shots from the blimp. Fox pays hundreds of millions of dollars for coverage rights to MLB. They want it open. MLB says sure, no problem deep pockets. The Astros complain, but Fox lines the pockets of many in baseball for coverage, including the players. When its all over, and the champion is crowned, everyone involved, MLB, owners, players, all will be after more money, and Fox (or another network that would have probably wanted the roof open) will be a major provider of that buck. The almighty dollar rules in America.

posted by Shoalbaby at 06:55 PM on October 25, 2005

Move Over, Steve Bartman

I am from just south of Chicago, and I am a devout Sox fan. I work with die-hard Cub fans everyday. All season long we have fun exchanging barbs with each game. There is also a guy on crew that had access to tickets for each post-season game, and I'll be damned if these die-hard Cub fans didn't snap them up so they could attend the games.

posted by Shoalbaby at 06:30 PM on October 25, 2005

Move Over, Steve Bartman

So, melcarek, what makes you so sure that the drunken bastard that displayed his ass in assaulting Biggio's wife wasn't a starving Cub fan searching for something that appears like success on the baseball field?

posted by Shoalbaby at 06:23 PM on October 25, 2005

Podsednik's shot sinks Astros in Game 2

What a game!!! So much for the White Sox getting an early lead and just hanging on huh? These guys can beat you in several ways and coming back is definitely one of them. So much for small ball, or Ozzie ball, how 'bout power ball? Bobby Jenks is your typical fireballer. They don't last for many years with just that. He has a wicked curve when he's on. But, you can't show him to the other team to often. You will time it up if you keep seeing that 100 mph fastball. Ozzie, hide this kid for a game or two if necessary. We got Polite, maybe even Hermanson (although Houston has probably seen him when he was with the Giants). And yes, once again, we got a call. God is definitely smiling on this team. No, the fat chick has sang yet, but you really got to like our chances. We hadn't played well on the West Coast in years, decades, but we swept the 3 games in Annaheim. These guys play better on the road. Look out, here we come Houston. Good luck.

posted by Shoalbaby at 05:41 AM on October 24, 2005

Sox 5, Astros 3

Hey people, where do you guys live posting all night long, wow! Great win for the White Sox. Good pitching, timely hitting, and yes indeed, a little luck. I am a huge White Sox fan and even I know that we have had a little "luck" in every series this post season. It just keeps on rolling. No one can pull the exact string at the exact time every pitch, every at bat, every game. No one. Some managers are closer to perfecting the perfect move at the perfect time than others, but no one is omnipotent. Yes, we Sox fans were lucky Burkman lined that single in the eighth to left, giving Taveris no chance to score from second. And yes, Ozzie should have pulled Contreras to start the eigth. But, Contreras was in the high 70's in pitch count. Tough to pull him then. Having said that, I believe Contreras was left out there just to get Taveris. I believe Contreras gets pulled with one out in the eigth, if everything would have went the way Ozzie expected. Then, of course, he brings in Cotts and makes Burkman bat righty (which in the end didn't make a damn bit of difference), which he thinks is the right move. Go Buerhle!!! Is Roger done? Wow! I don't wish anyone harm, but wow, first Colon in the ALCS, now Roger the Rocket in the WS? Talk about the God's smilin' down on a team. Been this way all post season for us starving Chicago fans. Good luck Sunday Houston!! Great start to a great Series.

posted by Shoalbaby at 07:22 AM on October 23, 2005

Albert Pujols.

I, for one, am extremely glad that St. Louis won this game. I hope it goes the full 7 games, and the seventh game is a 15 inning affair where both teams use every pitcher they have. Keep beating up on each other fellas. WE'RE WAITING FOR YA!!! Go White Sox

posted by Shoalbaby at 05:37 AM on October 18, 2005

Manager Mike Scioscia makes a costly mistake!

The White Sox are winning games the way they have all year. Remember back in the beginning of the season when they had that streak of about 60 games where they were leading at some point during the game? That's the way they have played most of the year (minus of course that .500 ball they were playing from late August to mid-September). They get a lead on you and hold on. They win with pitching and defense, have all year. One run wins - nail biters. Sox fans have watched this ball all year long. Saturday's 8 to 2 win and the Boston opener were abberitions. We get the lead, play close, eek it out in the end. I thought it interesting when Konerko (I think it was him) said that at the beginning of the Boston series they were a little shaky thinking maybe they didn't belong in the post season. But now they believe they belong here. Look out National League. Houston may have a good pitching staff, maybe as good as the White Sox, but now that the confidence is flowing, and the pitching and defense are at a peak, I don't know how anyone can stop this train. I'm not slighting the Angels, and yes, maybe lightning can strike and the Angels can pull this series out, but ah..., nah, its over. No one has given the Sox their due all year. All year someone else was gonna beat them or do better than them. Minnesota or Cleveland will win the Central prognosticated the so called experts. Boston will humilite the White Sox said the media (even here in Chicago many columnist didn't give the Sox much of a chance). And when the Angels won game 1 of the ALCS, holy cow (no pun intended) the Sox were doomed to being swept out of the series. I'm sure WHEN the White Sox get to the World Series that yet, once again, they won't have a chance. They will be the mere mortals playing against the real pros. Once again they will be the pretenders. Keep on underestimating these White Sox. PLEASE, keep on taking them lightly. We still have something to prove and the lack of respect only makes each victory that much sweeter.

posted by Shoalbaby at 08:59 AM on October 16, 2005

Chicago is One Win Away With 8-2 Win Over "L.A."

Two things. First, the umpires are not beating the Angels. For the most part, the White Sox are outplaying the Angels in most every aspect of the game, and to a lesser extent, the Angels are beating themselves. They are not playing the way they have all year and right now they look like a beaten team. It won't suprise me if the White Sox sweep them (all three games in Anaheim,er.. LA, er.. California). Secondly, has anyone thought about the ex-White Sox player connection in the post season blunders/controversy situations thus far? The Tony Graffinino error in ALDS, and the Josh Paul dropped third strike call in Chicago? Think someone's still on the payroll?

posted by Shoalbaby at 08:11 AM on October 16, 2005

Manager Mike Scioscia makes a costly mistake!

The White Sox are getting alot of calls their way in this series. The baseball gods are smiling on the Sox and their fans. However, alot of the "bad calls" or errors that have blessed the White Sox this post season have come when there was still plenty of baseball to be played in the game. Graffinino's error, the Josh Paul call, the interference call, the Podsednik pick off at first and tag at second at Saturday's game, all had ball left to be played. Yes it puts a damper on a rally or takes the wind out of the sails. But come on, Boomer Wells still threw a homer to Iguchi after the Graffinino play, Crede still had to get the double after the dropped third strike call, and the calls Saturday still had alot of baseball to be played after the close and probably bad calls (Guerrero and Anderson still had several at bats after those plays). Ya just gotta suck it up and make another play. I'm a White Sox fan and I really think its our year. I don't want all this controversy following our wins, but hey, just play the game. Close calls have been going on for a century. Historically, those close calls have gone against us. It's the Chicago curse thing (ya gotta live here to know what I'm sayin). You either let it beat you, or ya come back. GO WHITE SOX!!!

posted by Shoalbaby at 07:55 AM on October 16, 2005