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thank god the red sox are done, now the white sox can carry the poor us torch

posted by bharr_77 at 12:11 AM on October 08, 2005

"Who dey? Who dey? Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?

I think he's missing more than just keys y'all

posted by bharr_77 at 11:24 PM on October 02, 2005

Old Man on Campus

I hope I'm in that kind of shape when I'm 48, why the hell not, good for him, congratulations

posted by bharr_77 at 01:06 AM on September 30, 2005

Boxer Dies From Injuries Sustained in Bout

it's so sad to see someone lose their life, especially a warrior like him, good speed, our prayers are with you and you family

posted by bharr_77 at 12:59 AM on September 23, 2005

Michelle Wie to turn pro at 15

I think it's great, she's a great golfer and good for the game, it is golf after all. The only people not happy right now are all the other ladies on the lpga tour who are going to be getting embarassed for the next twenty five years save annika sorenstam, good luck michelle, oh and by the way, I want to see a one on one golf match with her and phil mickleson, she'd kill him.

posted by bharr_77 at 12:43 AM on September 22, 2005

Perspective just doesn't mix with Columbus,

why not forward some of those hate mails on to jim tressel, starting justin zwick, later going to troy smith who was effective only to go back to justin zwick who pissed the game away for the buckeyes, people should leave that poor kid alone, it's not his fault his coach is a moron

posted by bharr_77 at 12:14 AM on September 15, 2005

Coroner: 49ers' Herrion died of heart disease

It's so sad to see someone regarded so highly by the people who knew him best go on from this life. I'm glad to hear that the accusations of drug use have been put to rest, god speed thomas, we will never forget you.

posted by bharr_77 at 01:26 AM on September 07, 2005

Saints May Be Gone for Good

I think that texas has enough embarassing football for now, leave the fate of the saints up to the people who love and support it, and for the time being let's worry about how to rebuild new orleans, football ends in february, this will last much longer

posted by bharr_77 at 05:29 PM on September 05, 2005

McNabb and T O

Imagine the contract leverage T.O could have if he puts up last years numbers, get's them to the super bowl, and actually wins it.

posted by bharr_77 at 05:29 PM on August 27, 2005

Milk it does a body...

this just justifies why I hate baseball, this kid get's six games, brad penny gets nothing, raffy juices for fifteen years, lies to congress and gets ten games, yep sounds like justice to me

posted by bharr_77 at 01:06 AM on August 25, 2005

He Hate Them

he made some good choices, but failed to leave out the new england patriots, the media makes them out to be the sweetest thing, enough to make you teeth rot

posted by bharr_77 at 08:37 AM on August 12, 2005