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"Dancers Are a Lot Smarter Than You Might Think"

Yes, some of them do have brains... big, bouncy brains...

posted by Angrygimp at 11:31 AM on April 05, 2005

North Carolina Wins National Championship

I told my buddy not to take illinois or the over, but he did both. Dumbass!

posted by Angrygimp at 11:29 AM on April 05, 2005

Fatal punch

Boxing is dangerous. Many men have died as a result of injuries just like this one. The fact that this is the first woman to die in the amatuer ranks is the only thing that makes this story a story. You take your chances. When the fighting starts and instinct and adrenaline take over, anything can happen.

posted by Angrygimp at 11:25 AM on April 05, 2005