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SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

The Flyers will be starting their third goalie in game 6 against Buffalo. Sergei Bobrovsky, who played 54 regular season games, has barely been on the bench since game 2. They'll also be playing for their lives against a Buffalo team that seems to have gotten hot at the right time.

It's kind of shocking to watch a team completely abandon players who were successful in the regular season at the first sign of trouble. Bobrovsky was effective in game 1. Boucher played wonderfully through games 2-4. Now, they'll start Michael Leighton, who started one regular season game this season and looked solid in relief in game 5.

It's a little mind-boggling to watch this, and other curious Laviolette moves including inserting Zac Rinaldo into the lineup in game 5. Rinaldo has never played in the NHL before and is the AHL version of current Flyer and line mate Daniel Carcillo. It's as if he's trying to reinvent how to coach in the playoffs, with curious results so far.

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Ryan Braun signs $105 million extension

Those selective endpoints trim a few players from the comparison. If you drop homers to 120, and average to .295, you can then add Orlando Cepeda (122 HR) and Frank Robinson (.299).

Of course, those endpoints are set up specifically to catch Braun in that group. The other 4 players have averages more than 25 points higher than Braun, and in Pujols' case, he also had 22 more home runs. (In summary, Pujols = WOW)

I don't understand your argument here. Everyone on that list (even extended to being one of 7 all time) is a hall-of-famer or a Pujols. Being one of 5 or one of 7 all-time to do something of substance is still an amazing thing. Also, .300 is a typical marker for people to use, not .295, so you can understand why someone might use that, can't you?

s well, that career batting average thing is a bit silly in the sense that he's only put together 2500 plate appearances. The two closest ones on the list (Cirillo, .307) and Molitor (.303) have an extra 1000 and 6200 plate appearances (respectively). Let's see how Braun's downside affects his average.

He's 27; I think it's safe to assume that Cirillo's 1000 plate appearance lead is outside of the range of Braun's decline, given that he'll pass that before he's even 30.

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Draft guide rips Newton personally how much is too much?

Very few QBs in the league fail physically; Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell and Tim Couch all had the physical tools required to make it in the league. It's a lot of the stuff mentioned in the guide (leadership, ability to command respect, looking for shortcuts, sense of entitlement, lack of focus) that separate the wheat from the chaff and make you a franchise quarterback.

I think it could've been presented in a much more polished way, but the information is valid and is why I wouldn't consider Cam Newton a top 10 pick, even for a team that's desperate at QB. For a train-wreck like Carolina, Cincinnati or Buffalo, the last thing you need is to burn a top pick on a big question mark, especially considering the spotlight doesn't do guys with egos a lot of help.

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SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

He's also only ever earned $18 Million in his 17 year major-league career, which is kinda sad considering his career output vs. the combined output of Carlos Silva/Oliver Perez in 2011 is going to cost $24 Million.

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Heat's Big 3 Score 94 in Win

That said, any team that's going to give 73% of their shots to 3 players isn't going to survive a playoff run; a focused defence on one or two of those guys and they can't put enough points on the board.

Boston's always had a compliment to their big 3; perimeter shooters, guys who can play off the dribble, a second unit that is strong enough to compete and defensive stoppers at other positions (well, that, and Rondo, who makes it a big 4). Miami's second unit is a depressing group of misfits who were thrown together without regard for playing style, and it shows.

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Heat's Big 3 Score 94 in Win

The Rockets are 9th in the West.

Houston's winning percentage as the 9th team in the West is .521, which would land them 6th in the East. The Western Conference has a W/L of +72, meaning on average the Rockets' opponents are better teams. They're 16-11 against the Eastern Conference (.592).

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Houston would be the 5th best team in the East, if they were fortunate enough to play there. They're not a great team, but they're definitely a good team.

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SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

I'd liked to have been a fly on the wall of Mario's office when he was given this news.

Ray Shero and Dan Bylsma have both come out and said they agree with him getting suspended, but Mario's nowhere to be found and it's making him look like more of a hypocrite every day he doesn't address employing the league's biggest headshot artist.

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NBA Players Saved Coach's Life

Is it me, or is the title of this article a little overly dramatic? Would the hospital not do the surgery if he couldn't show proof of payment? Can they even do that? I'm no expert on California health care laws, but I know here in Michigan, hospitals cannot deny care to patients that have no resources for payment...

Kinda pedantic, don't you think? Do you think they're getting too much credit for being great human beings?

That, and Kim himself said it in the article.

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Fantasy Baseball 2011

In as BrianWilsonOverdrive.

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NFL labor negotiations break down, union moves to decertify

Liverpool FC are always up for another supporter. After all, you'll never walk alone, with us!

Any team associated with the Floyd is immediately a front-runner.

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Cliff Lee Preferred Rangers Over Yankees

Shut the hell up and pitch for the Phillies

He was asked a question by a reporter; I'm sorry you find his answering the question at hand so offensive, but it's not like he held a press conference to clear the air on his every thought.

Lee is a good pitcher, but people (the press, mainly) need to stop acting like he's the second coming of Sandy Koufax.

He was the best pitcher available in the offseason; he's naturally going to get a lot of press, but I don't think anyone in the press at any point said he was the best pitcher in the game, let alone as good as Koufax.

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NFL labor negotiations break down, union moves to decertify

I love NFL football, but I feel like if they give me my Sunday afternoons/evenings back, I might not give the whole day back.

I'm a creature of habit, and realistically, I've been meaning to watch soccer for years and just haven't had the if I gain my Sundays back, give away Saturday mornings and get some enjoyment out of whatever team I choose winning, I may never return.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Yes, in the second-and-a-half or so in question, I'm sure he considered that, the current real interest rate and the price of diesel before deciding whether or not to lay his shoulder into another hockey player.

Everything in hockey happens in a second and a half. When Alex Ovechkin scores a goal while spinning and on his knees or back, those adjustments are made in a second and a half. When Matt Cooke doesn't avoid Marc Savard, that decision is made instantaneously.

Look, I don't think Chara intended to injure, but do you I think he was aware of where he was on the ice? Sure, because he's a Norris trophy defenceman and positioning himself is key. He knew the bench was right there, and from my vantage point, he was trying to dump him in there...which is a dangerous move, given the fact that there's a post there +/- 2 feet. Those checks usually make Rock 'em Sock 'em, but in this case, he drove him into the post and cracked a vertabrae in his neck.

He made a risky move with another player's body, and that's suspendable behavior. It doesn't have to be intentional, and the results might be accidental, but he took a risk and guessed wrong and someone else payed for it.

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Tiki Barber Unretires from Football

It will be interesting to see what Tiki has left in the tank; I forgot what a monster year he had in 2007, and think he'd make a good second-string back on any number of teams, assuming he's fit enough. I can't imagine him getting enough touches with the Giants at this point, unless one of Bradshaw or Jacobs is out.

I always liked Tiki as a runner, however it turns out Tiki the person is kind of a dick.

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