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Justin Verlander Throws No-Hitter

I know the Jays want to win and getting base runners is the key, but to take a late inning walk in a game the pitcher has a perfect game when the pitches were close and hittable is weak in my opinion. Take your hacks. Try to get a hit to break up the perfecto.

posted by JohnnyGunn at 02:45 AM on May 08, 2011

Memphis come back from 16 down, win in OT

Mr. Dolan should be muttering Zach Randolph under his breath right about now although I am a big believer that sooner or later the crazy always comes out. It is a matter of time before Z-bo resorts back to being an off court problem with on court unused talent. Although Kevin Durant thinks he is the best.

posted by JohnnyGunn at 02:42 AM on May 08, 2011

Golfer Seve Ballesteros Dies

Seve died today.

I remember when I was a younger man by much and my brother and I went to the Westchester Classic. We were walking between holes and decided to stop and watch Seve tee off. We were beyond where anyone's drive had landed previously and way off in the rough. All of a sudden my brother yells at me to "watch it". Seve missed my head by inches. His ball is in the trees behind us. When he finally gets down the fairway to where we are standing, my brother said to him, "Nice drive." Seve just laughed and said, "Happens all the time except I usually hit the kid instead of miss." I rooted for him ever since.

posted by JohnnyGunn at 02:35 AM on May 07, 2011

Reporter Hit By Pitch

Love this. He does have much more natural padding there than those lean ballplayers. It is easy for writers and commenters to criticize, but much harder to offer solutions or be willing to back up what they say. This guy wanted to man up to his blog posting about Wilson Betemit and did. Btw, as a Yankee fan for whom Wilson once played, he should have taken the hit.

posted by JohnnyGunn at 09:18 PM on May 06, 2011

The Supreme Court Don't Wanna Hear It: if you're a cheerleader, you must cheer

Screw the legalities, what was the district Superintendent doing when he pursued this? Isn't he supposed to support all the district's students including a girl of 16 who was raped? What is the message he is sending?

Some times, common sense and compromise should prevail over the law.

posted by JohnnyGunn at 12:50 AM on May 05, 2011

Justice Department Asks NCAA About BCS

This is going to be like AYSO soccer where everyone who participates gets a trophy or makes the playoffs. I am not convinced that the BCS is the best format, in fact I am more inclined to say it is seriously flawed, but I do not see where the Justice Department comes into this. The letter quotes the New York Times? C'mon.

posted by JohnnyGunn at 12:35 AM on May 05, 2011

Judge Denies NFL's Request for Stay

Back on. Back to watching replays of the "first kiss".

posted by JohnnyGunn at 01:20 AM on April 30, 2011

The members of many collegiate women's sports teams....aren't

Under these parameters, I was on the women's golf team. Too many times I would shank my drive and not make it past the ladies tees.

posted by JohnnyGunn at 02:01 PM on April 26, 2011

Hawks Take 2-1 Lead Over Magic

I didn't hear Jamal call out "bank".

posted by JohnnyGunn at 01:34 PM on April 23, 2011