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Greatest Moments of the 2007 College Football Season

I agree. My alma mater won the Division II national championship, but if they were in the BCS, wouldn't have been in the game. They settled it on the field, as it should be.

posted by still44 at 07:29 AM on December 30, 2007

Brett Farve S.I.'s Sportsman of the Year

I can't argue with the choice. I think he surprised many with how well he's done this year, including myself. It's obvious he's put in the work and dedication necessary to excell in his craft. I'm happy for him.

posted by still44 at 06:31 AM on December 27, 2007

Bill Parcells signs a four year deal

I agree that this move will help next year, not this one. While it may motivate the Dolphin players, they will have to miraculously get better to beat the Patriots. That's not going to happen this year.

posted by still44 at 09:02 PM on December 25, 2007

Chicago Bulls fire coach.

That was definately heartless. What was the owner's logic I wonder? Was he trying to prove what kind of person he is? Well, he accomplished that.

posted by still44 at 08:48 PM on December 25, 2007