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Vick Sentenced to 23 Months in Prison

Over and done with. YAAAWWWNNN! When he gets out there will be another thread about "Should he play or not" He was found guilty and sentenced. So be it...Amen and so forth. Next thread please.

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More Trouble For Vick

I think with this last big bust that the Feds had in the steroid thing from China will be sufficient to supply names for players. But then looking at some of the cheerleaders of football....maybe steroids aren't all that bad :))) After re-reading this I wanted it noted that there was no pun intended in the "big bust" part above.

posted by skeet0311 at 09:53 PM on September 26, 2007

More Trouble For Vick

Vick initially denied any knowledge of the enterprise, then pledged after he was charged that he would fight to clear his name. After Phillips and two other co-defendants pleaded guilty, Vick followed suit and admitted in a written plea to bankrolling the enterprise and helping to kill eight dogs that performed poorly. Urall. The above is what I was going by. I'm not sure if there were more dogs involved or what the whole status of this implies. The article also suggests that if he shows up dirty again....Well back to the 'ol crossbars hotel. I kind of figure that he knows he's gone So what the hell, Why not. but in his stupidity he probably didn't think about this adding more time. What ever the Judge was going to give him I think just got a little longer.

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More Trouble For Vick

Just had an afterthought. Maybe Vick and O.J. can get a cell together and could start their own team.

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More Trouble For Vick

After that he still faces charges in Virginia which is one of the states with the harshest penalties against animal cruelty and endangerment. One thing I can not understand though is why they are not bringing charges in Va. against Vick for the killing of the dogs- each count could be up to 5 years in prison- and Vick has admitted participating in six or eight dog killings. He already pleaded guilty to these charges in his federal indictment and can't be charged with the same crime twice.I'm no where to understanding the laws such as a Lawyer does... But it seems as if his Lawyers knew what they were doing in having admit to the killings of the dogs in the Federal indictment and in doing so the Federal boys are not pursueing the gambling and crossing state lines with the gambling enterprise and thusly excaping the Gambling and Racketeering charges and also elimatinating the additional charges in Va. which does have harsh animal cuelty punishments. Like I said. I'm no lawyer and could be, and likely am, wrong.

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More Trouble For Vick

Ya just can't fix stupid.... This should really help a Judge known for harsh penalties to feel compassion. Flaunting your nose at a judge's release restrictions is not a wise thing to do.

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"Do you think clubs need to do more in terms of building a more diverse management mix, in terms of race and gender?"

Yes the clubs should. Also in baseball on the field there should be 3 Black, 3 white and 3 Hispanic players and an occasional oriental of which 4 should be men and 4 would be women and the 9th player should be a switch hitter. (pun fully intended)....Yeah Right!!! Race should not be the main determining factor in anything. In fact it should not be a factor at all. Hire the best person possible regardless of Race, religion, creed or sexual preference. We make the teams out by hiring the best possible player, coaches and management should be done likewise. in fact. as for as players go, you don't even have to be from this country nor even have to speak english. Right person for right job. Period.

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The Juice is back

Guess as the saying goes. You just can't fix stupid. Wonder how many months this will drag out? But Las Vegas is known for thier shows as well as thier gambling.As for as O.J. goes, I guess some people think they can get away with murder. (oooops, already has)

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Man catches historic home run ball and...does what?!

At last! A good story about someone. The sad part is that when I done some soul searching on my own part is that I came up short. I myself would have went for the money. It is GOOD to see someone else be a fan of the game and do a good deed. Great Story.

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Patriots Caught Taping Jets Defensive Signals, May Lose Draft Picks

Take away New Englands franchise and have them move the team to Montana. That way everyone in Mont. could go to the game and they could all fit in one stadium.

posted by skeet0311 at 12:43 PM on September 12, 2007

Patriots Caught Taping Jets Defensive Signals, May Lose Draft Picks

To add to my last comment... A loss of the Patriot's take of the revenue for that day should be taken away and donated to the retirement fund of the players and used for medical benefits for those that have sustained long term injuries.

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Patriots Caught Taping Jets Defensive Signals, May Lose Draft Picks

I'll bet this has more than one team scrambling to clean up their own house. My opinion would be a substantial fine, Lose of a 1st round pick, and B/B suspended for 4 games It's not some camera man's responsibility to maintain the integrity of the league. If his bosses tell him to tape the sidelines, he tapes the sidelines. It will be interesting if Goodell is going to be as harsh on teams as he is on the players. It has to be a top pick or it is useless. Second day picks don't make the Patriots team anyway. I have never heard of a forfeit in the NFL, and I doubt it will happen now. . I agree with this. If the cameraman objected, he probably would have received his last paycheck as he was walking out the door. And I don't think a forfeiture of the game would be neither likely nor feasible. The players and the fans never did anything wrong. But the owner and the coaches that knew of the preceedings should be fined severely. And a suspension of B/B. But as in all cases, we should wait until all the facts come out and I'm sure there will be an investigation into other teams as well.

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Bills' Everett Injures Spine Making Tackle

When something like this happens it seems to make all the stuff about Vick, Pac-man and Ankiel seem almost trival. My thoughts, heart and prayers go out to the Everett family. May God Bless them.

posted by skeet0311 at 12:51 PM on September 10, 2007

Recounting Ruth's Career

Are we talking about Babe as he was then or if he would have been brought up with the conditioning and the expierence of having been brought up with the system we have now? I recently read an article about a scientific study that was done about his eye/hand coordination and it was phenominal according to the study. "I feel that Babe Ruth's contributions to the game of baseball merit more than just naming the MVP award or having a Babe Ruth day at the ball park. I think he did a great service to the game by helping to bring back people at a time when perhaps their view of baseball had been tarnished by the BlackSox scandal. His place in the record books should stand by themselves as achievements meriting retirement of his number. I also don't feel that retiring Ruth's number dilutes the importance of Jackie Robinson's number. Both were compelling figures of their times whose contributions, while different of course, still transended the game. I'm not arguing the social importance of Robinson's effect, just that the two were different and equal" I also agree with THX-1138 in the above paragraph. I would not be against retiring #3. Each man stands on his own merits, strengths and degree of greatness. Neither would be taking away from the other and that any normal, intelligent individual would or should be able to differentiate between the reasons. Plus I'd hate to see Babe playing against the players of today if he were alive. A 112 yr. old man in uniform would not be a pleasant sight.

posted by skeet0311 at 06:53 PM on July 23, 2007

Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

Sorry Jerseygirl, but, that was the way I was taught. Guess I'll have to start a post on hanging my teacher.

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Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

My intention is to point out all "High Profile" celebs' are under a microscope and their lives are publicly scrutinized. Anyone (Mike Vick in this case) should have the intelligence to keep himself out of situations as these. Whether he is guilty or not will be decided later. It is in his own realm of possibiliity to have his legacy be remembered as either an outstanding athlete, who can be a role model for kids, a good representative of the black community and just a good all-around guy to be respected by all or just another ghetto, street n***** that threw his life and talents away. I am a black male from the "ghetto with 2 teenage age boys that adored Vick. Now what do I tell them? He was their "hero". indictment isn't a conviction. Ask those college "white boys" (the Duke LaCrosse team) that our Honorable (?) Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpiton publically wanted to hang. (Wonder if Bishop would refer to these 2 as "sick F***s)? But in this case it seems as if the Govt. seems to have "dotted their I's and crossed their T's pretty well. And BISHOP your input about the cows,sheep chickens etc. is totally ridiculess. BIG difference in putting down animals for food uder prescibed methods or having fun watching two animals literally rip each other apart for the glee and enjoyment of it. If you don't know the difference then maybe the "sick f***'s" title you give these other posts would aptly apply to yourself. ( I'm sure there are a few doctors in your city that could be of help to you. May I suggest giving them a call.) Also the F*** word is not necessary in a sentence to make it a complete sentence. It only puts emphasis on your own ignorance instead of inhancing the point. Might want to point that out to the doctors as well. (Just a suggestion).

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Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

Sorry Guys, BUT the first couple of postings on this site (which are no longer being shown) were about how our govt. only got involved because Mick Vick was a high profile BLACK athlete. And I (as a black man myself) get tick off as people like Mike Vick enhances the "sterotyping" of my race. So I apologize because without those postings my posting seems completely out of text. Sorry

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Falcons QB Michael Vick Indicted on Federal Charges;

Come on, Get off the "poor little black guy" routine. Granted the Govt. got involved, but, it was because Mike Vick is a High Profile Athelete, not because of his color. If it had been Brett Farr or some other "white" athlete they (the Govt.) would have had to make a stand also. If Mike is guilty then he should be punished severly because as a "high Profile" athlete HE IS in the media attention. It comes with the job. Come on, Get with it. If your black, white green or yellow and you're "High-Profile", you are going to catch more attention. Being black is a chance of birth. Not an excuse. "If he did the crime, then, He must do the time!" Being black He should know that he is under a microscope and he should be MAN enough and Intelligent enough to realize it and watch his "P,s and Q's even more. His role model should be as an upstanding, NFL player and citizen and NOT as some street thug that expects to beat the system. When a black man "thugs out" he not only hurrts the NFL's image, but all of our images as well.

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Ready for a shocker?

What amazes me is the no one even mention others like St. Louis's Steve Jackson Who had more total yards from scrimmage than L.T. and played fro a whole lot worse team

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Green gone at Arizona

Can't forget about Seattle and Oakland might be looking too.

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In a year of ups and downs

As I stated in other columns. I live in St. Louis and naturally wanted to have St. Louis win. But, I predicted (and unfortunately bet) on the Tigers. My hat is off to the Tigers. Congrats to them for having done a great job in the A.L.. Don't know if it was nerves or over-confidence or what this year,but, I predict them a lot of success next year. (Hope that never cursed them) And if St. Louis doesn't make it to the World Series next year, I hope the Tigers get another chance.

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The rich tradition of baseball in the city of St. Louis, MO got a little richer tonight.

The "TIGGERS" just played piss-poor baseball and the Cards capitalized on it. Period! (and "TIGGERS" is not a spelling error. The Winnie-the-Pooh performance of the "TIGGERS" justifys the "moniker". Maybe they just read too much press coverage and believed it.

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The rich tradition of baseball in the city of St. Louis, MO got a little richer tonight.

Sounds like the Tiger fans aren't very happy. Leylands decision was sound. I agree that Rogers may have imploded (possibly not) We'll never know now. Hell Larussa even tried to balance out the Tigers piss poor defense and allowed Duncan to play Rt. field. Now is that sportsmanship or not. It all came down to the fact the Tigers were out-played. Defensively,Offensively and any other kind of 'ively" you can think of. Looking at all of the replays I think Verlanders error was a catchable ball. Piss poor throw but catchable. Inges should take a lot of heat for his piss poor performance. I always like to see the underdog win. Especially when some know-it-all sportswriter for USA today makes a comment taht as bad as the Cards are "he'll take Tigers in THREE and the biggest problem the Tigers will have is keeping their concentration and trying not to laugh all the time.

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Eckstein Plays Hero as Cardinals Lead 3-1

I personally insured a Cards victory---- I betted on Detroit and with my luck---that insures a victory for the other team. Pride vs Profit.

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Eckstein Plays Hero as Cardinals Lead 3-1

Cards have just out played the Tigers so far this series. Both teams have had better than adequate pitching. Outstanding at times on both teams. The defenses have made most of the differences. BUT the cards had a 3-1 advantage against Detroit in '68 and blew it and also against K.C. in '94. As they say "it's not over 'til the Fat Lady sings" I'm from St. louis,but, I predicted Tigers in 6.

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The NFL to play two regular season games overseas.

As I said the whole thing sucks. It's strictly about money for the NFL, money for the owners. The cities of the home teams will loose millions in revenue, the surrounding businesses will loose money. The fans will loose a home game and, as I stated above, I'm sure the season ticket for that year will not be "reduced" by the one game. This whole deal above has been about a terrorist attact. Even tho' remote it is a possibility. It is strictly about increased revenue for the NFL and the owners and screw everyone else. Explain to the Greenbay fans (or any teams that would be the home team) how losing a home game is beneficial to them.

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The NFL to play two regular season games overseas.

I think the whole idea sucks. The home team will be compensated----What about the season ticket holders? They say it will open up a whole new market. Haven't we shipped enough stuff overseas. What's next. Oversea teams because of cheaper labor? yea, that'll work. Just another way to make the owners richer----screw the fans.

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Tigers Win 3-1 in World Series Game 2

As a lifetime resident of St. Louis (at least up 'til now) natually I want St. Louis to win. But I predicted "Tigers" in 6, (Glad I never used my real name) Kenny Rogers should be given the benefit of doubt. He pitched a GREAT game all the way thru.Whatever the "smudge"was he kicked our collective butts before and after it was removed. My hat is off to him. Love his passion on the mound. As far as picking him for MVP. Wait until the series is over. No need to canonize him already.

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Tyson considers fighting women

Tyson had the power to be one of the best heavyweight sluggers ever. Not only the power but the unbeatable mindset that all the "best" must have, Until he fought Douglas. After that there was instilled in him the fear that he could lose and he couldn't handle that. But to compare him with Ali and Lewis-----nada He was a "thug' with skills and hurt the fight game more than anyone I can think of at the moment.

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