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Really cool Sports business

It'll take more than that Commander Cody! Hope fully our fellow writers shall forgive, forget and take a look at my post anyway Better be good now hey!

posted by Duke101 at 01:57 AM on August 04, 2006

Champ Car Driver Hits Deer on the Track

Oh Deer! I recall seeing a cow wondering onto a British Rally a few ago - perhaps where the phrase "mad cows" derived

posted by Duke101 at 01:17 AM on August 04, 2006

Worlds fastest man tests positive

With the influx of revalations coming to light it puts doubt in ones mind about any great sporting achievement - it wont be long before a chess champion fails! The good thing is judging from England recent World Cup experience - no of them are taking drugs - not enhancing ones at least!

posted by Duke101 at 04:04 PM on August 02, 2006

An exploded view of a Honda F1 car

Extremely unusual - great post though.

posted by Duke101 at 04:01 PM on August 02, 2006

Ferguson must rely on all his ability for Carrick to shine

I confess to being scared when a new "superstar" looks rather like Phil Neville - Steptoe is haunting Old Trafford?

posted by Duke101 at 03:59 PM on August 02, 2006

Can you compare apples to oranges?

An old addage indeed and one that continues to raise its ugly head in every sport - Ali vs Tyson, Pele vs Maradona and even the same team but from different era's. My personal comment on the subject would be No you cant compare fairly - better equipment, fitness etc - having said that Larry Legend takes it for me Bill.

posted by Duke101 at 03:57 PM on August 02, 2006

It's never too early to start Spofi's Fantasy EPL!

My team is almost ready and once again I am convinced I'll do really well and then POWWW reality strikes again and I come in around 50% lower than the winner...ahh well this could be the Year!

posted by Duke101 at 03:53 PM on August 02, 2006