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Say it aint so

You know what the funny thing is about all this talk about Maier and Steve Bartman is... It takes a whole team to win or lose a game, but it only takes one fan to single handedly cause a team to lose... Ha Ha Ha... That's B.S. Time to put the past to rest and let these guys try and make a legitimate living for themselves. This Maier guys chances of ever making it to the major leagues is slim and none anyway. There are 100's of guys in the minor leagues that are more tallented than this guy is, and they'll probably never reach the major leagues themselves. Any club that drafts him is only gonna do it for the Media circus that surrounds him. The thing for the major league clubs to remember on draft days is that the Media attention surrounding an individual doesn't make him a good player. Media attention doesn't win you championships... great ball players do... and this guy is obviously not a great ball player. Another thing is... This is America, there are more important things than sports championships to hate someone over. Any fan in those situation would do the same exact thing... try and catch a F*ing Ball !! Get over it and live for today and stop bitching about what happened 10 years ago !!

posted by FUDSTER at 12:35 AM on June 03, 2006

Garner, Springer suspended for "beaning" Bonds

Neutral arguments !! First off, I'm not a Barry Bonds fan in any way. Sure he's been accused of steroid use, but steroids don't improve hand eye coordination. He still has to have some natural tallent. Sure, no matter what, when he does tie and pass Babe Ruth on the Home Run list, and if he does ever get close or pass Hank Aaron, any homerun records that Bonds sets will forever be looked at as a tainted record. Now as far as Springer throwing at Bonds, obviously none of those pitches were curve balls or sliders, but direct fastballs aimed at a human target and not a strike zone. I don't believe the B.S. excuse that they were trying to brush Bonds off the plate. The suspension rule in baseball needs to be changed. If a pitcher gets himself suspended for 4 games, the son of a bitch doesn't even miss a start based on a 5 man rotation. After he pitches, he's off for 4 games anyway. Whatever the number of games a pitcher gets suspended for should be imposed as being his next scheduled starts for that many games. Also when a pitcher does get that kind of suspension, the team should not be allowed to activate any additional players from their Minor League clubs to fill the void. If a manager knowingly allows his pitcher to throw directly at a guy and he gets suspended, the team as a whole should be penalized as far as not being able to fill that position. They should have to use a reliever as a starter while the suspension is being served or go with a 4 man rotation. When an everyday player gets suspended, he's missing every game where he would normally be playing in. Pitchers should face that same discipline. Four games should be 4 starts. As far as Bonds is concerned, I personally hope he never hits another home run again. PEACE OUT !!

posted by FUDSTER at 10:43 AM on May 20, 2006