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Barry Bonds signs with Yankees!

"Lirpa Sloof"= 'April Fools'.....

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 04:21 AM on April 02, 2008

Cuban: For the first time in my life, I'm speechless

Shaq, all but put critics to rest against Detroit.....I thought, he is the big Aristotle! The baddest man on the planet. Not only will they win this year but here comes a dynasty! He has (a) great coach, fans, teammates, and size advantage. The "sexy" pick would be Big-D, but something tells me we are all in for an epic. HEAT in 4.....maybe 5!

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 06:41 PM on June 04, 2006

Cowboys and Patriots Super Bowl Bound?

seattle had a great o line. they traded half away One guy, and his replacement, has quality starts under his belt. They will be fine. seattle is still crying over the super bowl and the refs. they dont have the heart to go back. F.Y.I. Holmgren signed an extension, that shows heart! He is a rich man with a couple rings. He quits now he still goes to Canton. I havn't heard any player say anything other than we'll just have to go get it next year. Holmgren made 2 remarks and it got blown up! They don't have to whine to show me anything, all I have to say is......Illegal block below the waist on Hasselbeck Hmmmmm.......!

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 02:56 PM on May 31, 2006

Cavs take Series Lead with a Squeaker

If they don't win game six, they have no hope. They HAVE to win game six!!

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 01:12 AM on May 18, 2006

Miami Signs Marcus Vick

20 years ago when a player got his leg stepped on, would it have made the 5-o-clock news? No because we didn't have camera's that could read the label on your boxers. There are plenty of "dirty" players out there, in the hall of fame. Football is tough, lets not over sensitize the game. Hockey players fist fight. Give the kid a break!

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 04:25 PM on May 16, 2006

Miami Signs Marcus Vick

Good for Marcus. I don't know where you're getting your info from, tommytrump. Ray Lewis never played for the Dolphins. Neither did Corey Dillon or Michael Irvin Tommy is clearly trying to say, other teams sign players w/ problems. Like the ones he listed, and the teams they play on.

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 01:59 AM on May 16, 2006

Texans Pass on Bush...Settle for Williams

The reaction was about 50/50, then they all cheered. D'Brickashaw, and Mangold, maybe the best first round of all.

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 09:26 PM on April 29, 2006

Players demand back wages

Chico I agree but I just was focusing on the over exaggeration of there league. They are nowhere near pro's. She is a scandalous person,..... who ripped off some guys. She should and probably will be punished. Primary or not is the exact deception that made this story in the first place.

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Texans Pass on Bush...Settle for Williams

I hope Reggie goes anywhere but N.O. This is a Micheal Jordan, Sam Bouyee type situation. Although he's superman and all, there is no immediate fix for that franchise. Best chance to get good, is a quarterback. Drew Brees has proven to be mediocre at best. He will, however do for the next year or so, while they learn up the new kid. You cannot pass on an elite Q.B. under any circumstances. The farther down the ladder he falls, obviously, the teams get better. Jets, Raiders, Green Bay. He (Reggie Bush) belongs in one of those cities. He should have gone first!!

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 01:42 AM on April 29, 2006

Players demand back wages

Kurt Warner came from the A.F.L., wich is not the same, if do your research. You will find in the afl, they make real money, it IS there job. In the nifl it is for fun. If you were exceedingly poor, like myself, you could not afford, cleats,gas,time off from your real job, or anything else involved in the extra expences. The people who play are more "well off" than lower class america. There has been no meals lost. They were ripped off, but wouldn't she go to jail if she deprived 50-75 players primary source of income? Wouldn't the irs know if they were paid or not? What about the B.B.B. Or anyone are we the only ones who know?

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 05:59 PM on April 28, 2006

Bud says no celebration for Barry

Blake Guilty. O.J, we all know but he is a free man, wmd's much too sensitive for a sports filter.

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Players demand back wages

my first comment was premature, upon reading more facts, it is definitely more serious than I thought. But it just doesn't make any sense at all. It is still beer league level, however they deserve due respect just like me and you.

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 12:25 AM on April 28, 2006

Players demand back wages

So why doesn't LNI step in she is by far not invincible. Her word means nothing. If they did not recieve wages, for federal taxable income that is illegal and she would go to jail. There must be something else going on

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 12:14 AM on April 28, 2006

Players demand back wages

This is truly a case of the media trying to get us to do what we are doing. Wich is fine. It is very recreational, they have open tryouts most people make it. The games are great I love our team. But come on, they threatend to not play over the money so she had to get new players. To tell you the truth the fans who don't read the local paper won't notice, the parody is that even. Im not saying she isnt a total sleezball, just the angle of owner fires whole team in refusal to pay back wages is overexaggerated. If it were a sugnifficant amount of income, it would be a job protected by many many labor laws. She would go staight to jail. So obviously it is legaly a rec. activity

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 11:28 PM on April 27, 2006

Players demand back wages

I don't play soft ball, I was putting there local arena team in the same catagory as beer league softball. We have a nifl football team where im from. The National champs the Tri City Fever. Many friends on the team. They don't play for the money, they play for fun. We have played 5 games were 4-1 we have had a different Q.B every game and still win. Not saying these guys are pushovers or anything. But this particular brand of football is as recreational as a softball team, thats all.

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 11:04 PM on April 27, 2006

Players demand back wages

This is the most non important issue, $650.00 you make money at your real job. Just play ball. If I had nothing to lose I would play for free. You don't get paid for beer league softball games. Spilled milk!

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The Young Is The Restless

What the manager meant when he said he needed to hear his side was, maybe the ump dropped the "N" bomb or something. Other than that, I cant immagine anything else that would make someone do that. Either way baseball is a family sport and there is no place for that, at any level. Baseball isn't a right it is a privilege. He should lose his privilege.

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 09:49 PM on April 27, 2006

Bud says no celebration for Barry

We celebrate every 300 game winner, and every 3000 hit guy. Why not show a little respect. At the end of the day he still hit every one of those balls out of the park. If he juiced when it wasn't tested for so what, if he passes every test now what has he done wrong? 714 just shows how much respect the world still has for babe. Too bad Griffey never did juice or cream or whatever, he could have had iron ankles and hit a lot of homeruns..... That was a joke.

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Sources: Favre to play '06 season for Packers


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Sources: Favre to play '06 season for Packers

Sometimes the most simple things are the most logical, thanks. I had little trouble getting your point. Oh yeah it is much more logic- riddled for some 400 pound idiot, to intalectually say brett is no good. Come on! To say he sucks is lacking full mental capacity causing one to make decisions and say things that make sence at all.... Or retarded.

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Nash again, allegedly.

who the f!@# is "Alan Hughes" ? larry hughes is pretty famous do you have an endoresment deal? Because Lamar odom has a few ilgouskus is a really good center phill jackson is an o.k. coach amare played 2 games maybe 20 mins this whole season marion is really good has the ugliest jump shot in the league but he is solid who else barbosa diaw tim ive played for more teams than kendall gill thomas come on koby is a rapist he might have to score 1000 points to ever win MVP.

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Sources: Favre to play '06 season for Packers

"favre is a terrible qb" you couldnt hold bretts jock that is the most retarded thing i have ever read vick is terrible alex smith is terrible vinny testaverde is terrible you have gone to far and i am a very unbiased i was born in chicago and raised in seattle but i am a sports fan a fan of greatness just because the media says something doesnt make it fact while all you guys are acting like you have some kind of crystal ball write back when its green bay vs indy in the superbowl and the "media" hypes up the yesterday vs today angle and you all either keep denying the man credit or eat it up and say "i knew it all along"

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Sources: Favre to play '06 season for Packers

he just might be great for one more year hes only two years removed from top 5 numbers i say he does it and supprises no one

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 04:51 AM on April 26, 2006

Giants sign Arrington to $49 million deal

arizona will be more of a threat than the giants seahawks are the best TEAM in the nfl

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Crosby becomes the youngest player to record 100 points

Crosby is the Lebron of the NHL and Ovechkin is Carmello

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No Stuporsonics in Seattle?

isn't the building only 12 years old or so quit whining pruduce a quality team and the fans will come i am a sonic fan through and through they are not very good right now i heard no complaining when they were a pacific division lock every year bad buiseness decisions have destroyed this team and this is just another prime example.

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 05:01 PM on April 14, 2006

Back to Basketball... who's the MVP?

lebron has no pressure to score? that is the most outragous thing i have ever heard people in antarctica expect lebron to score 30 a night

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 04:23 PM on April 12, 2006

Back to Basketball... who's the MVP?

Tim Duncan has never averaged more than 25 ppg. he is at 22 he is the poster child for the legue in the past they gave it to him over kevin garnett when k.g deffinantly had the better season if the race stay's as close as it is they will fall back on him. Lebron my personal favorite is just not polished enough and it will give him something to work for,wich is good for us the last thing we need is to have another young star pull a penny hardaway or a grant hill and start there career great and then fall off. But why wouldn't they give it to nash he elevated to levels unknown to common folk in the abscence of probably the games brightest stars in possibly the most important position on the court

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Back to Basketball... who's the MVP?

don't sleep on tim duncan if the spurs clinch the #1 spot in the west and if the pistons slide and they get the best overall he will win

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You Can Call Them Rays, or You Can Call Them Sting Rays, or You Can Call Them Sun Rays, or You Can Call Them ...

they should be the tampa bay "were not very good rays"

posted by BigSpizznizzle at 08:53 PM on April 06, 2006