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Bulls 0

buddy i dont know if you were watching the same game as me but the Pistons are absolutely hacking the Bulls on defense. Instead of playing defense they reach n grab shirts n get away with it while the Bulls are getting called for every tick tacky call. It is clear that the refs are pro detriot so you cant say the Pistons are so great

posted by soccerstud3675 at 09:04 PM on May 07, 2007

Bettman: Refs will make calls, or else

this is really nice ive been sick of refs not making calls and costing teams games and even championship. i relly agree with this guy.

posted by soccerstud3675 at 10:20 PM on April 19, 2006

North Carolina And Duke Game

hes one of the best freshmans ive ever seen play the game. how about that 3 he hit

posted by soccerstud3675 at 08:32 PM on March 05, 2006