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January 04, 2008

November 07, 2007

April 23, 2007

March 25, 2007

The Story of the Chicksterhood lives: Kicking Chicks crack the victory nut and win 2-1. More after today's game.

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March 19, 2007

Kicking Chicks update: 2 games, 2 points, 2 goals for, 2 goals against: We were lucky to get a point in this one, scoring our second in the final two minutes of the game. Yes.....the deuces are wild.

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March 11, 2007

Kicking Chicks draw their first game and keep a clean sheet: For all our SpoFi coaches, managers, trainers, referees...let's hear what's happening in your neck of the world.

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February 18, 2007

Sure could use some advice: Anyone coached a girls team before? Practice starts tomorrow for the U12 girls soccer team. Not only will this be my first time coaching girls, it's the first time coaching kids. And I have no kids. Help!

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August 06, 2006

EPL fans in US now have less expensive option for PPV games : Fox Sports have sublicensed an average of 4 games per week to Setanta N. America, which costs $11.99 a month through DirecTV. I don't know the cost through other providers. This $144.00 a year is a significant decrease from the $299 annual fee for the Barclays English Premier League package previously offered. Of course, if you haven't purchased the premium package in the past and are happy enough to watch 3-5 games in a regular, non fixture-packed week, you'll only be effected by Setanta's first choice of matches available....that's right...Setanta gets first shot at showing the big matches and Fox Soccer Channel gets the leftovers. That link also mentions Canadian TV rights but Rogers Sportsnet is still being shown as an EPL broadcaster. Setanta also offers rugby and plenty of soccer from other competitions including UEFA Champions League (games not shown on ESPN), UEFA Cup, The Carling Cup, Coca Cola Championship as well as Scottish, French and Dutch Leagues. Sorry for the long locker room post but there's a lot of info to absorb to those interested.

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June 21, 2006

May 12, 2006

User name change advice: Since I'm back in Texas, the old user name doesn't quite apply. Every time I try to log out and choose a new name, I'm automatically signed in under TLINY. Any ideas on how to make the change? Thanks.

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March 07, 2006

Just when you think you have a clue...: ...what does the "." represent in the post about Kirby Puckett's death?

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February 10, 2006

I finally have Olympic fever!: Very cool with the rings on the home page.

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February 04, 2006

Post editing: Just a quick question for the powers that be: is it possible to extend the time to edit a post from 3 minutes to 10? Sometimes the brain's not clicking on all cylinders...

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