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Yes, that's me on top. Now, before the gloating begins, just how many of you actually played all four rounds (i.e. changed picks after each round)?

posted by rocket88 at 10:30 AM on June 08, 2004

Spoke too soon....back to #1. Yay 'Bulin!

posted by rocket88 at 08:37 AM on June 01, 2004

Yes, that's me! My #1 overall didn't last long,'s down to 2,571 today. Damn Kipper!

posted by rocket88 at 02:56 PM on May 31, 2004

Tampa in 5

posted by rocket88 at 01:34 PM on May 25, 2004

You had an amazing round 3, gspm, and I had a shitty one (damn Marleau!). I assure you, I intend to make up for that in round 4.

posted by rocket88 at 01:30 PM on May 25, 2004

I'll start: TB vs PHI: TB in 6. Simple case of more speed and superior goaltending. SJ vs CAL: SJ in 6. Calgary has one good scoring line and really not much else.

posted by rocket88 at 12:21 PM on May 07, 2004

OK here goes... TB-MON: Tampa in 5. Yes, they're for real. And the Habs didn't win their last series...Boston lost it. PHI-TOR: Philly in 6. This is a tough call 'cause I'm a huge leafs fan. I'll change my guess if Sundin and/or Nolan are healthy. SJ-COL: Sharks in 7. That's all I have to say on this one. DET-CAL: Wings in 6. Flames have had their moment in the sun. Back to reality. And where does a guy have to go to gloat about leading the SpoFi playoff pool???

posted by rocket88 at 08:53 PM on April 21, 2004

TB vs. NYI - TB in 6. Bolts have owned the Atlantic conference this year BOS vs MTL - MTL in 7. I like this Ribeiro kid! PHI vs NJ - NJ in 7. Will be a yawner...Comes down to goaltending TOR vs OTT - TOR in 6. Ottawa just isn't built for playoffs DET vs. NAS - DET in 4. Thanks for coming out. SJ vs STL - SJ in 6. Neither team will go anywhere VAN vs CAL - CAL in 7. Kiprusoff will be the hero in Cowtown DAL vs COL - DAL in 6. Another one that comes down to goaltending.

posted by rocket88 at 09:09 PM on April 06, 2004

Count me in

posted by rocket88 at 09:07 AM on April 05, 2004

Golf is a sport. Golfers are athletes. (Yes, many are not athletic, but they are athletes just the same.)

posted by rocket88 at 08:52 AM on February 09, 2004

My first professional lacrosse game... Toronto Rock beat The Vancouver Ravens. great game...great sport!

posted by rocket88 at 05:06 PM on February 05, 2004

And people, please try to differentiate between "athletic" and "athlete". Many non-athletes are athletic. And many athletes are not.

posted by rocket88 at 05:08 PM on February 03, 2004

Sport - Yes Jockeys - Not Athletes Horses - Athletes Anything which only exists for people to bet on is not a sport, I'd say. Don't let the folks at the NFL hear you say that!

posted by rocket88 at 05:05 PM on February 03, 2004

MeatSaber, you've defined a sport as anything you're not good at! As rocketman says, believe! Grum & bill: When I brought up boxing as an example of a judged sport, I had in mind amateur boxing - the kind you see in the Olympics - which is a fascinating sport (and almost always decided by judges). Way better than pro boxing, which has been ruined for years by corruption. And dales15, I wouldn't want to let the media define what is/isn't a sport. Some of the crap on sports channels (at least TSN here in Canada) is definitely not sport...including dancing, poker, billiards, sailing, and, at least one time, dog shows.

posted by rocket88 at 09:23 AM on January 22, 2004

Boxing has no ball and is judged. So both grum@work and billsaysthis would have to concede that it's not a sport. Personally, I have no problem calling any competitive endeavour a sport. I'd even include figure skating and synchronized-whatever. But I refuse to use the term "athlete" to describe Bubba NASCAR drivers, curlers, jockeys, or morbidly obese offensive linemen.

posted by rocket88 at 02:12 PM on January 21, 2004

Garfield has a good point. Everyone has opinions about what is a "real" sport and a "real" athlete based on their own personal biases, but it's difficult to not be arbitrary. If you exclude race car drivers, then what about bobsledders? Some may call figure skaters athletes, but not ballroom dancers. Does participation in any activity that requires strength, endurance, or coordination automatically make one an athlete? Is a 300 pound tub-of-lard nose tackle an athlete? Are curlers athletes?

posted by rocket88 at 11:13 AM on January 21, 2004

By garfield's definitions, competitive ballroom dancing is a sport, and the dancers are athletes. I hereby request demand that a "ballroom dancing" category be added for front page posts.

posted by rocket88 at 08:04 AM on January 21, 2004

Yes Sport Not Athletes: Just because drivers require strength, endurance, and coordination, doesn't automatically make them athletes. Garbagemen require similar skills, but it doesn't make them athletes, either. Similarly, jockeys aren't athletes (but the horses are).

posted by rocket88 at 02:02 PM on January 19, 2004

an uber cool three digit user number Yes! I just made it! And don't think I won't be lording my 3-digitness over all the new 4-digit punks, either. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

posted by rocket88 at 09:34 AM on January 13, 2004