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Ah - I didn't know the search function was case-sensitive. That does wonders. ;)

posted by chules at 10:43 AM on March 30, 2004

I'm searching for the SpoFi group, but my results show nothing. Is the site still not working?

posted by chules at 10:02 AM on March 30, 2004

If its only the extremely mainstream sports that are talked about here, things could get dull quickly. There's absolutely nothing wrong with discussing other sports and what's considered "mainstream" in one country isn't exactly the case in others. The real question being asked is whether or not the link being provided in the FPP is good enough to merit any discussion at all. The whole point of providing a link is to further illustrate the point that the poster is trying to make in their opening comment. Also, if people don't know what you're talking about when they first read the post, the link will hopefully fill them in on the discussion. All of this helps to bring more recogition to the sport as well as giving yourself some credibility (if that's what you're after). If you're going to give a link to a standings page and then say "How 'bout them (fill in team's name here)?", then I'd decide against it. But if you have a decent link that can lead to some discussion on your point for whatever sport you want, go ahead.

posted by chules at 03:39 PM on February 02, 2002